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Russia - why we don't go to there

Based on recent events in Ukraine we decided not to visit Russia within our round the world trip. We excluded Russia from our itinerary because we want to support only countries which respect laws and integrity of other countries. We are aware of the fact that by excluding Russia we are going to miss many interesting places. Nevertheless we are human and we do not agree with approach of the Russian government in last months. We sympathize with the citizens of Ukraine and wish them all the best in this difficult situation. We firmly believe everything is going to be eventually solved and get better.

world peaceYou can condemn our decision but we think everyone has the right to express their own opinions and act according to their best judgments. Once the Russians government becomes again more democratically minded towards other nations we will be happy to journey to Russia, travel there as a tourists and spend our money to help them support their country in the development of natural beauties and heritage. But we are not going to support Russia in its critical decisions operating against Ukraine. We like living in Europe where we respect each other and do not threaten each other with war conflicts.

Russia will be substituted by a country in the Southeast Asia

If you are disappointed because you looked forward to the photos of our wanderings along Russia and experiences we would have taken down to our blog, don’t despair! We will visit Russia one day and follow our original plan. It means going by train along the Trans-Mongolian Railway from Beijing via Mongolian Ulaanbaatar to Moscow, or the best to Saint Petersburg often called the Venice of the north.

And we surely did not deprive of anything. Finally we found an alternative for Russia. And it is going to save us some money too. We decided to travel Vietnam.  In our opinion it is a very interesting country. And once we are in the Southeast Asia why not to go there. We like Vietnamese very much from the Czech republic. We often visit their restaurants and truly enjoy their delicious food and often observe beautiful pictures of their country while eating so we decided to go there in person and see what Vietnam is really like.

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