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Our feelings about the USA - country full of natural beauties

We spent quite a long time in the USA. During those 73 days we visited many beautiful places and met so many nice and good people who were willing to help us. We would love to share with you our feelings about the USA.

Infrastructure and transportation

  • Infrastructure is on a good level in general, basically same likein Europe. Nevertheless there were many things
    that surprised us in a negative way, unfortunately.
  • Transportation in L.A.The biggest disappointment was definitely mobile network. Operators compete to sell 4F internet but this makes sense only in large cities. Once you get out of town you are basically without internet. At least with prepaid sim card. We naively bought 3GB data for 3G network for 35 USD and even though we needed internet all the time we could not use it because it was not working.
  • Mobile operators do not allow thethering. The only exceptions are for contract customers – is this a return to the jungle? 🙂
  • Transportation in the USA is good but only in large cities as for public transport. Once you need to go long distances everything gets so overpriced. Trains seem to be for rich people. We had to use buses and the service was a total disaster. Mostly couches were dirty and messy and tickets were 3 times more expensive than any place in Europe. For them it was normal. Even in South America you get better services and prices. Travelling in the USA without a car is terrible!
  • Use rideshare. It is great, you travel with someone and share expenses. The best rideshares can be found at, just google rideshare on that website with city you need and offers will show up.


  • Policeman on Times SquareEveryone heard of it or knows but until you really experience it you simply cannot imagine what it feels like. Everywhere are signs “see something, say something“. There is CCTV on each corner and always there is a policeman. But we still did not feel safe!
  • Many Americans walk out with guns attached on the legs. We were told that such people are harmless. Well be do not agree with that and for us they are simply brainwashed. Not normal that children grow and see people wearing guns for no reasons….
  • Americans are extremely paranoid. Everywhere you go are NO and NOT ALLOWED signs. Sometimes you are afraid to even breathe 😀
  • Even USA is not a safe country to pay with debit or credit card. We went to the largest store in the world, Macy’s in New York, paid with our card once. After 14 days the card was blocked for suspicion of misuasage of data. These things may happen even at places where you least expect it 🙂


  • We have travelled quite a large part of the USA and met many people. Most of them were wise but it seems that Fool on Times Squarewe met more silly people than we are used to. Nice example may be people working in fast foods and chain stores. They were just slower. We shared this opinion with Czech people living there for a long time but also with some Americans.
  • Even the USA is a multicultural country and they always say how equal they are we have never ever encountered a country with so much rasism like there. “Inferior jobs” (like cleaning, construction site works, fast food, etc..) do only Afro-Americans, Hispanics and other immigrants. But you do not see white people there, not Americans! This is what we realized where we arrived to Canada where it was same like in Europe.
  • We tried to use Couchsurfing like everywhere. We were so excited to get to States because this is where this idea was born. But it just did not work for us. The thing is that unless you are skinny young and representative girl you have basically zero chance to find a couch. 😉 Thank God for all the nice people who gave us a shelter. .
  • People we met were always amazing. It means everyone can find a soulmate here.
  • Czech community in the USA is great! These people help you, give you advise and never let you down. 🙂

Food and drinks

  • Burger from Las VegasThey do not have any specific cuisine but they have fast foods that are more wide spread than anywhere else in the world.
  • For travelers or backpackers like us fast foods seem to be the most affordable option and one can even eat healthy there.
  • We recommend to try all you can eat buffets with really good prices.
  • On the other hand we ate here better pizza than in Italy. We had it in Boston. In California we truly recommend to go to In’n’out restaurants and ask for “animal style“ burger. It is not written anywhere but for the same price you get better burger with bonus. 😉



  • The USA is in general really expensive country. The most expensive item is groceris. The ordinary shopping for European is something that middle class American usually cannot afford. That is also the reason why most of
    them do not cook because they are short of money.
  • Accommodation is also expensive. We once slept in the motel, it was some last minute deal and it cost us 32 USD/night – the cheapest one we found. It was in the middle of nowhere and we had cockroach in the room. 🙂
  • Money from restaurant in Key WestCamping is the cheapest option but still quite expensive. Once we had to pay also 30 USD/night for campsite. Simply if you don’t have enough money do not go to the USA. 😉
  • What we really do not envy to Americans is their medical system. We are really sorry for them. We still keep on complaining in our country how bad the medical system is but we are super lucky. We know about a person who went to see a doctor with injured finger. He waited for an hour, they say one hour is nothing there. Then a nurse came and bandaged it and told him to wait. It took another hour, doctor came there, the finger was already covered so he only took his hand looked at it, said it was ok and told the guy to leave home. After 3 months this man received a bill from the hospital for 750 USD for basically nothing. This man had no insurance because he could not afford it. Another example can be a man who found out he was very seriously ill but had no insurance so he knew no one would help him. He went to the bank robbed it and stole only 1 dollar. Why? It was a ticket to the jail for him, the place where he gets medical treatment for free at the expense of taxpayers. It maybe could save his life. And you can hear so many stories like this if you talk to people who live there.
  • But it is not good even with education. In Europe we still cry how it is expensive but in States if they want to go to college they pay at least 500 USD a year, usually more. And if they want to go to the university they pay for 1 year at least 30.000 USD and it is only a scholarship and usually they pay more. Do you still think education in your country is expensive? 😉
  • Fuel is cheaper than in Europe and it was a nice surprise. Nevertheless price in certain states may vary a lot. For example in Florida we paid for the gallon (=3,8 l) of gas (petrol) 2,69 USD. In California it was 4,10 USD at some places. Information about up to date prices can be found on the internet.


  • USA is a beautiful country and it has it all – the mountains, sea, glaciers, national parks, desserts, cities, theme Grand Canyonparks, lakes, canyon and other natural beauties…
  • If we consider how large the USA is and how many people live there we have to give them a compliment because the country is relatively clean.
  • We were a bit sad that public transport is not operating better. Why? Every American has a car but unfortunately these cars are not small like we use in Europe, they usually drive vans and trucks with higher emission of pollutants and therefore they pollute the air. They do not worry much about it but once they realize this it can be too late.
  • Some states already fight with that. On highways and expressways there is a line called POV. We had no clue what it is for but then people explained us it was only for cars with 2+ passangers. Hybrids can use it either because they save nature.

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