13. Singapore

12. Malaysia

11. Thailand

10. Cambodia

9. Vietnam

8. United States of America

7. Canada

6. Mexico

5. Bolivia and Peru

4. Peru

3. Chile

2. Argentina

1. Brazil

0. Before flight

Trip around the world brings many beautiful moments into life. But in order we don’t forget them eventually it is necessary to take good photos during on our adventures. Such pictures that would be a perfect guideline for story telling from one place to another we have visited during our travelling the world.  Of course we also make video from time to time but unfortunately it requires so much work after that we are not able to offer you so much material from this field. Photos are simply easier and faster to take care. Thanks to that we have the honor to share them with you on regular basis, either on our website or Facebook fan page. Over the next months we will eventually bring you photos from 4 continents that are America, Asia, Australia and Oceania and finally Africa. As evident even now, there will be many experiences so will be the material. Even though it may look like we often share with you things with a big delay, trust us that we try to work as fast as possible and everytime we can do so. We try hard to have everything ready in the best way so you can enjoy watching our photos and also get inspired for your uprcoming travels in the world.  At last but not least we properly document everything for our families that miss us very much and are always happy for any photo or video we post because it makes them feel closer to us.  And we cannot forget about ourselves. We make pictures for our kids we are gonna have one day. So we can show them and let them trust us in their super modern time what we had ever been doing and what a beautiful adventure it was. Thank you for you support and we will be happy for any comments or advices. Happy watching to everyone who has decided to see our photos.

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