Little Mole and Mr. Mouse on trip around the world!

11. Thailand

From Thailand journey

10. Cambodia

From Cambodia journey (In Czech)

9. Vietnam

One day on trip around the world (in Czech)

From Vietnam journey (In Czech)

8. United States of America

Dolphins in Florida

Supporting Czech ice hockey team! 😉

Rocket launch (source Youtube)

Road trip – Florida

Las Vegas

Road trip US southwest – Grand Canyon, Route 66, Bryce Canyon…

Road trip US southwest – Sequoia NP,Yosemite NP,Bodie,Bristlecone Pine,Death Valley,Hoover Dam…

7. Canada

Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix 2015 with Lewis Hamilton

6. Mexico


Monte Alban



5. Bolivia and Peru

Tiwanaku, Puma Punku, Aramu Muru, Chucuito

4. Peru

Arequipa city

Titicaca lake

Folklore in Peru

Maras and Moray

Machu Picchu

3. Chile

Torres del Paine – Patagonia

Santiago de Chile

2. Argentina

Glacier Perito Moreno

1. Brazil

Favela Rocinha

Carnival Rio de Janeiro 2015

Blocos in Copacabana

Iguazu Falls

Trip around the world is a demanding project that requires proper preparation and many hours spend sitting and working in front of a computer. By travelling nothing finishes but everything starts including work. But we like it so we decided that we could make big memories during our travelling the world. And we found out that it is a great idea not to make only photos but also start shooting video. On this page you may find every video from every country we make while we are on the road. Eventually we plan to add more of them so you have something to watch. In total we intend to post video from 4 continents which are America, Asia, Australia and Oceania and finally Africa. And why do we do this, why do we make it more difficult for us? We want to share with you our daily experiences and we know that photos may not always express the situation so good. Any video can do it better and let you see things brighter. We also do it for our families that miss us very much and we know that every video we take makes them feel closer to us.  And last but not least we also make them for ourselves, for the future so we can still recall all the beautiful memories and moments spend on the trip around the world once we will be back home, living ordinary life like everyone else and rejoice at all experiences travelling has brought us. We will be more than happy if you keep on following us and supporting us like you have been doing it till now. We really appreciate it.

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