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Megalithic sites - Tiwanaku, Puma Punku & Aramu Muru

Visiting Peru is interesting mainly for visiting the archeological mysterious megalithic sites of the country. Some of them force us to ask questions about the origin of our civilization. And among these sites we can count more places than only Machu Picchu. Some places may be more important! If you are interested in this topic read some of the books written by Erich von Däniken or watch an interesting TV series called The Ancient Aliens.

How to get to Tiwanaku and Puma Punku

Both megalithic sites are located only a km from each other which is good but in Bolivia. On the other hand they are located in Bolivia and it makes the whole thing a bit more difficult if you want to travel there from Peru. Nevertheless Tiwanaku Gate of the Sunthere is a solution of two options. The faster, more comfortable, less time consuming but more expensive one is option we chose and can recommend. You can buy a 1day trip in Puno for 2 people – private tour for 900 PEN (cca 300 USD). During the whole day you will be able to visit all the places mentioned in the headline of this article plus couple of churches as a bonus as they are along the way.  The price seems to be too much but is logical because someone has to help you to cross the border and get into another car with a new driver. The reason is that Peruvians pay very expensive fees in case they want to enter Bolivia with their own car. It is also not possible to have a same guide, it is against the Bolivian law. So the lunch, cars, drivers and two guides are included in the price. One guide shows you Tiwanku and Puma Punku, Peruvian guide helps with the sites in Peru. You can bring down the price, we made it for only 550 PEN (cca 185 USD) for 2 persons.

Second option, more time consuming and less comfortable is taking a bus from Puno to the border crossing Desaguadero. When getting to Bolivia hire a taxi or take a bus to Tiwanaku. But by this way you will never be able to see all the sites within only one day like us.


Tihuanaco alien headTiwanaku (in Spanish Tiahuanaco or Tiahuanacu) is located about 20 km from the Lake Titicaca and about 20 minutes ride from the Peruvian border. Tiwanaku is the most important archeological site in Bolivia. You may find here the large complex with remains of the Akapana pyramid and well-preserved remains of temples. The complex is dated Komplex je dated about 12.000 years B.C.! Around the temples there were found interesting artefacts, especially extended (differently shaped) skulls and pottery that can now be seen in the local museum. But what is so controversial about this place? There is a remain of the temple in the shape of a square with 175 heads on its walls. These heads represent all man kinds on Earth. You can see the heads of Peruvians, Asians, big and small heads and 3 other heads that have nothing to do with anything we know. They simply remind the heads of aliens aka the Greys. And we are still speaking about thousands years old site!  See our gallery and watch the video we made and in case you want to know more about this, we recommend you to watch the Ancient Aliens TV series, specifically season 4, episode 6.

Puma Punku

Puma Punku as known as the Lion Gate are the ruins located close to Tiwanaku. For the first sight it may seem that this place is nothing special, only ruins of an old temple. But after closer exploring you find out that this place is probably one of the most controversial places in the world. There is a stone base measuring 50 x 60 meters and Puma Punku H-blocksweighting unbelievable 447 tons! Surely this place is dilapidated today but there is no one to logically explain how come that people were able to create and transport anything of that size and weight thousands years ago? There are many conspiracy theories saying that the stones come from ten kilometers distant place and were transported to Puma Punku on the trunks of the trees or the mud. But these theories are ridiculous because in such elevation there are basically no trees to use and can you imagine transporting such huge rocks on the mud? That is nonsense. Another mystery of this place is the accuracy of the stones, the way they were created. They are so accurate and regular like they were made in a factory. Especially the H-blocks that are here. All the edges are in the right angle and they are very soft. Apart of them there are stones with drilled holes of small diameters. Again this is something hard to imagine for the period where people used to be very primitive according to archeologists and using only primitive tools for work. Puma Punku is really worth visiting. Every step you take and each exploring makes you a goose skin and forces you to think. Again find more in the gallery or Ancient Aliens series, season 4, episode 6.

Aramu Muru – The Gate of Gods

Aramu Muru or the Gate of Gods is a mystery place located close to Puno in Peru. It is place where you can take a bus or taxi. It is one of the most beautiful megalithic sites to see. This gate is a carved square of width and height Aramu Muruaccurately 7 meters. In the lower part there is a cutting with a hole in the middle. Legends say that this hole is the door to another world. Our guide also told us that local people claim that in the certain periods of the year this door opens and they see a beautiful island surrounded by the sea. Some theories say that this might be Atlantis. Kids claim to see Giants. Other legends say that this door were for Gods who had lived on the planet Earth to be able to enter and escape it. Ancient Alien theorists believe that the door is the entrance to other galaxies and it could be kind of a star gate that can be activated with a special disc (to be put in the hole). No matter what is true we can confirm that this place is full of energy. Our guide recommended us to meditate at the gate for a while and we truly felt different after that. To find out more see our photos and video and for more information you can watch Ancient Aliens season 2, episode 1.

The Temple of Fertility Chucuito PeruThe Temple of Fertility

The Temple of Fertility can be found close to Puno, in a small town of Chucuito in Peru. This place is not so controversial like the previous ones. On the other hand once you are in Puno at the Lake Titicaca it can be a nice short trip to take. The place is original mainly because of the stone structures. It is basically a temple dedicated to fertility so you can find many stones similar to the male genitals and some also female genitals. Legends offer many prosaic reasons for this place but in the end they all come in one and it is that this place was created as the act of love.

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