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China is the most populous and, with its area, the fourth biggest country in the world. China is a beautiful country where old traditional cultures mix with the modern ones. It is a country of many contrasts, and even Flag of PRC, Flag of Chinathough it is possible for almost everyone to visit China today it is still necessary to pass many controls and obtain entry permits.

Visas to China

China is located in Asia next to Nepal but it is not easy to get there. The biggest problems are visas and entry permits. It would be so easy to get to Tibet over the Himalayas however rules do not allow that and so we are forced to ensure that we get the visas to China in the country because it is not possible for us to get them issued before we leave the Czech Republic due to validity. Therefore our first steps will be to head to the city of Hong Kong. If you experience the same problem with visas to China, like us, you should consider going to Hong Kong first as well. According to the information we have we can ensure visas to the whole of China except Tibet.

City break in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a beautiful city for us to spend some time there but we are not thinking only about the crowded streets. Hong Kong is city of many small islands where there are spectacular parks full of flora. So relaxation can be found right there. And whoever wants to get out of the town for an entire day then a visitto the former colony called Macao is recommended. The historical center of Macao is a part of the world historical heritage and besides historical sights visitors can have some fun in the local casinos or restaurants. However this might not be cheapest way to have some fun so independent travellerscan always find other waysto enjoy their stay here. And in couple of days our visas should be ready so we can continue our trip around the world in China.

Places to visit in China

Thanks to its area travelling in China is a long term matter. In order to save as much money as possible we have decided to use the best known of China’s high speed trains. It will be comfortable and we should see many Chinese Dragonplaces during our travels. Transport China is very sophisticated even for western travellers. Distances betweenChinese cities can be counted in days so train transportaion in China is one of many options of how to make travelling in China more comfortable and fast.

Our first stop will be the metropolis of Shanghai, the most populous city in China. We have to learn to live with fact there are so many people everywhere. Despite all of it, this place is special because it offers a look into the history of chinese cuisine. Chinese cuisine is something we are very interested in. Of course we know it from our country but we are sure that in China it is going to be more tasteful and we will finally be able to taste something more than only rice and meat. But it is not only culinary things we will be looking for in Shanghai. We want to search for places where we could observe a harmony of old and modern architecture, which are the contrasts of this city.

Attractions in China

Stop number two will be capital city of China Beijing. In Beijing we want to look up the history of China and therefore we don’t want to miss main attractions in Beijing. Primarily we plan to visit Chinese historical sites from the Ming dynasty. And not to forget one of the most frequented attractions in China, we need to take a trip to Badaling, the gate to the Great Wall of China. After all, a vacation in China offers the possibility to learn about all the other dynasties of Chinese history. From Beijing we want to set out to a remote place several hours away called Xi’an. Besides the many beautiful places and museums this city offers, we will definitely visit the famous mausoleum of the Emperor of the Qin dynasty also known as The Terracotta Army.

Travelling in China will lead us even to Sichuan province, especially to the city of Chengdu in southwest China. A trip to this city was a clear goal because it is the only place on Earth where we can see the highest number of Chinese architecturepandas in world. There lives the rarest of them all, the Giant Pandas.

Travelling by train in China with Tibet in range

What would travelling in China be if we didn’t visit Tibet. For us it is a must and a big dream. Tibet is for us one of the most interesting places we plan to visit during our round the world trip and it would be a sin to dismiss this place in our itinerary. Our plan is to go the main center of Tibet – Lhasa. And from there we would like to visit other places to better comprehend the behaviour and spirit of local people, especially monks.

But our travelling in China is not over in Tibet. We need to get back to Beijing and from there we can continue to our next destination which is located in the Middle East and it is the UAE – United Arab Emirates.

欢迎来到中国! Huānyíng lái dào zhōngguó! Welcome to China!

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