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Bali in Indonesia is one of the main destinations in Asia we plan to visit during our trip around the world.  On this Indonesian island situated in Indian ocean we plan to fly from the city state of Singapore. Bali is very interFlag of Indonesiaesting not only because of beautiful nature and beaches but also thanks to the local ethnicity. Vacation in Bali is probably the dream of most people, therefore we would like to enjoy our holiday there as much as possible. We plan to stay on Bali several months and gain strength for other destinations. A longer stay in this picturesque landscape will help us to get in touch with regular living in Bali.

Travelling in Bali

After arriving on Bali we will go to the capital city of the island Denpasar. We do not want to stay there too long although there are many tourist attractions. We prefer visiting places where mainly locals reside and for sure we want to travel a lot and explore all the whole island.

Travelling on Bali is a standalone chapter of this trip. At least we heard that from many travellers who already have been there. The roads are pretty good but the behavior of the drivers is  quiteunpredictable. The size of the island is ideal  for hiking and travelling by public transport too. The island is cca 150 km wide cca 110 km long. It is possible to visit beautiful beaches, shop at local markets, taste Indonesian food and in general experience what Balinese cusine truly tastes like.

Historical places on Bali are also worth visiting. In this literally tropical heaven there are located many Hindu temples where we intend spend a lot of time just relaxing. The best known temples are without doubt Tanah Lot or Ulun Danu, also known as Pura Bratan which is located on Bratan Lake. However,  you can also find a lot of paddy fields usually not so far from the town of Ubud. When we are listing the natural beauty of Bali we have to mention a few lakes and national reservations too. The best known lake is Danau Batur. The Lake is of volcanic origin and is currently often used as great source of fish. Rising over the lake there is an active volcano, Mountain Batur, located northwest from the highest mountain of Bali called Gunung Agung, also of volcanic origin.

But the real and hidden beauty of the local fauna and flora is  hidden in the west part of Bali island in the national reservation Balai Taman Nasional. A visit to this park provides a completely different view of the island and brings new and amazing experiences.

Paddy fields BaliHow to travel around Bali

We plan to travel around Bali by using public transport and enjoy riding on motor scooters. We hope to always reach our destination successfully. Transportation in Bali might be quite hectic for Europeans. The reason is simple! They just don’t take care or follow any driving rules and apparently they don’t even have to as they are Hinduists and not scared of death. Traveling on Bali will definitely be a challenge for us. Bali island is very well located, therefore it is easy to visit surrounding islands like Lombok or Java.

Where to stay in Bali

Independent travellers won’t have any problems finding accommodation in Bali. One way is to ask strangers who already have a shelter, another way is asking locals for help and the last alternative is an online search. The weather on Bali is warm throughout all year. Temperature is usually above 15°C even on the coldest days but  monsoons can be problem. The recommended time for travelling in Bali is from October but the most suitable months are May, June and July.

Bali is also a perfect stop if you want to travel to close destinations such as Australia or the Oceania. The reason why we decided stay in Bali for a long time is that we need somewhere to stay during the winter period in Australia and New Zealand and a warm place like Bali is just ideal.

Selamat Datang di Bali! Welcome to Bali!

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