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Argentina is a country in America we don’t know much about. The reason why we included Argentina in our itinerary is that we can make our journey through South America more simple thanks to cheap local public transport. When we hear about Argentina there are several things that come to mind. It has great wine, tasty beef, the famous song “Don’t cry for me Argentina” and our favourite telenovela “Cambio Dolor”.

Traveling in ArgentinaFlag of Argentina

Our vacation in Argentina will take us through five regions of this country. We will enter the Misiones region connecting Argentina with its neighbours Brazil and Paraguay. It is really worth visiting the beautiful Iguazu falls located in a national park and protected by UNESCO.

If you want to discover and learn about any country it is recommended to act and behave as a local person. This advice can be found in every travel guide so why not try it? The first thing we will have to deal with is going to be  transportation in Argentina. So we have decided that we will partially use the local buses, which, according to other travellers,are very comfortable and surprisingly much nicer than coaches in the Czech Republic. By using this way of transport we will criss-cross the regions of Corrientes and Entre Riós. We are sure to observe more beautiful sights from a bus window rather than from an airplane window. During our travellingwe won’t miss the capital city of Argentina. Based on what we have heard Buenos Aires is a very beautiful city….a mixture of many kinds of cultures, architecture from the ancient times connected with modern age. We look forward to visit historical sites in Argentina.

Attractions in Argentina

We have heard that you can speak Spanish there but in Buenos Aires it is different Spanish. The language was influenced by Italian in ancient times so it is quite common that Spanish tourists may be confused by local accent. Fingers crossed for us to handle this. Another attraction we want to visit on our trip in Argentina after Iguazu Falls is Patagonia. First we need to reach the region of Santa Cruz. The fastest way to get there is by airplane direct to the town of Rio Gallegos or El Calafate to visit Perito Moreno Glacier. We don’t want to spend much time there because there are more beautiful places in Patagonia. Therefore we have to find our way to Chile. We hope that the  weather in Argentina and all over Patagonia will be fine so we will be able to enjoy the local nature as much as possible.

Argentinian steakGastronomy in Argentina

If you have read  a few of our articles you are probably asking yourself: “Why do they always write about food and drinks?” It is simple. We like good food and drink! Moreover it is also a nice way to keep each nation in our memory. Each country has its own specific meals and once your are travelling it is also about tasting food.

We have already mentioned good Argentine wines that we plan to sample during our traveling in Argentina. But there is one ‘must try’ specialty – real Argentinian beef steaks. Argentinian beef is probably the best meat one can taste.

Bienvenidos a la República Argentina! Welcome to Argentina!


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