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New Zealand

New Zealand, where we get to from Australia is the second and final destination in Australia and Oceania which we plan to visit during our round the world trip.Flag of New Zealand

Travelling in New Zealand full of beautiful places

Travelling in New Zealand is an emotional matter for us. This beautiful country offers incredible sceneries that all of J.R. Tolkien’s fans know from the movie series The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. Among the interesting things about New Zealand is the fact that there are 10 sheep per capita. In total that is over 40 million sheep. Another curiosity is the number of lawyers or administrative workers per head. The question is how many from indiginous inhabitants aka Maori still live in New Zealand. Transport in New Zealand is first-rate and equal to European transport systems but only in areas with higher density of occupants. So with less population there are less connections. We are aware of this and therefore we plan to rent a car, actually a tiny camper van. Thanks to this way of transport we can easily criss-cross the North island and South island of New Zealand.

Places to go in New Zealand

Nature New ZealandVacation in New Zealand is quite often an unreachable destination for ordinary Europeans. We are aware of this fact and therefore we want visit as many interesting places as possible within our trip around the world. At the first we land in Auckland. This city doesn’t need to be introduced. It is a metropolis with everything. But we want to focus on nature in and out of town. After that we would like to visit the nearby beaches at Bay of Island.

Among other interesting places to go in New Zealand belongs undoubtebly Hobbiton. Hobbiton is one of the most famous attractions in New Zealand these days. In the introduction to the first part of the movie Lord of the Rings the camera focuses on the picturesque village. That village is this place. Of course this is not the only location connected with this movie. There are more of them and some of them we also want to visit while travelling in New Zealand. Nature in New Zealand is the best you can find on this planet in one place. You can find anything your eyes desire for – vast plains stretching from nowhere to nowhere, majestic mountains, dense forests, beaches and beautiful river flows. It seems mother nature wanted to show us all the beauties in one place. One such of these places are natural geysers of Whakarewarewa. Interesting too are the natural crater like formations that we want to see during our treks. We plan to do several treks because not all places are accessible by car.

Other attractions in New Zealand

Life in New Zealand is not only about people, sheep and flora. The fauna, thanks to local conditions, is extensive too. You can come to see the characteristic Kiwi birds but you can alsoeven see whales with your own eyes. Many people say that to view a whale’s eye is a life changing experience.

Historical sights in New Zealand are limited thanks to quite relatively young colonization. However it is possible to visit villages of the original habitants. They still try to keep their traditions which they are to some extentSheep in New Zealand successful in.

New Zealand cuisine will have many titbits to offer. We would like to try original food which is more Maori cuisine but also conventional food which will offer Pākehā cuisine based on European habits brought here by the colonizers. And, if everything goes smoothly, according to our plans we are going to spend Christmas in this great country, and probably also New Year. Hopefully without a hangover after all the celebrations we will head towards Sri Lanka, our next destination.

Welcome to New Zealand! Kīa ora!

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