Such an ambitious project as our Trip around the World requires a proper preparation and primarily time.

First thing we must have naturally started with was a travel plan. And it was really a struggle. The thing is that initially there were over 40 countries on our list of Map, globe, passportdestinations but in the period of 12-18 months it sounds like mission impossible. Of course someone could make it but probably without fully enjoying the moments and highlights. So we must have approached and accepted a reduction and this how our travel plan has been finally made. Thanks to this step you can now discover in corresponding section including the World map we have created.

The plan was created and preparation could begin. It is never ending work but we enjoy that ’cause we know we are getting closer and closer to our dream.

Preparation – what needs to be done and cannot be missed

On this page you may find everything important what you need to know if you want to plan your round the world trip. Step by step we will guide you through how it all began. We will provide you with important information about vaccination in particular countries we plan to visit. As well as we are going to devote this section to country entry issues or visa.  Among others we will also write about accommodation, especially deal with different types of accommodation. And compare the websites where you can find solid and cheap accommodation. What should never be missed out is the travel insurance, it is very important to arrange for every traveler. The big role on trip around the world plays also transportation. At this section we want to give you tips and hints we have found on the internet or gathered from other people. A chapter we really want to pay attention to relates to travel gear. Every traveler has to think over pretty well what to take with on his/her traveling around the world. And we will also provide you detailed information about activities we devote to because we think they may be useful.  The entire preparation on our round the world trip requires a lot of reading, googling and comparing. And it is for sure not so easy as it looks.

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