The preparation for our trip around the world is not just about sitting at the computer, finding transportation, accommodation and places of interest. It is also necessary to think about physical preparation or if you need to have any certification or permit for certain activities. The uniqueness of our project finally forced us to do activities we never thought about before. Why to do these activities, when for a “normal” life they are not so necessary? Our round the world trip is a life changing goal and therefore we want to enjoy it as much as possible. For these reasons we have expanded our activities in terms of preparation for the next training.

Krav Maga – self-defense is always useful

Self-defense is a vital know-how for every traveler no matter if you go to a neighboring country in “safe” Europe, or on the other end of the world. Although none of us wants that but due to interplay of bad circumstances anyone can easily get Krav Magainto troubles. For girls this counts twice as much. Therefore we have decided to minimize this risk by prevention and careful preparation. There are several effective ways of self-defense. Each of you may say that your own preferable style is the best. We finally chose the Israeli martial art called Krav Maga. The reason is the focus on conflict prevention and for self-defense as it is. We were not interested in the offensive martial arts because we think preventing a conflict is much better than causing one. Another great advantage of these courses was the training on model situations that may arise during an actual attack and how to defend yourself during it. We truly recommend to attend a course for at least half a year. It will not make you a master but you will get the basics of the whole thing. One or two seminars will not be enough for you to get used to the different techniques.

Regarding the Krav Maga schools themselves, for example in Prague there are a few. But the quality is unfortunately different like instructors themselves. Therefore we recommend you to negotiate the first lesson free where you will check whether you will find this sport useful and also assess the instructor. As for us, we were very satisfied with the quality of lessons with our experienced instructor Michael Friedrich. We also tried to get in touch with other instructors in Prague but due to lax approach we gave up. So if you like sweating and that great feeling that you are doing something for yourself you can be sure that Krav Maga is definitely one of those activities that is going to teach you something.

Diving course – the beauty of the world is not only on land

Our trip around the world includes a number of countries offering not only terrestrial treasures but also those in the sea. Given that the world’s oceans take up roughly two thirds of the surface we have decided to expand our skills with diving. Among the destinations where we plan to dive include Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali and Australia. Many people may argue “Why do a diving course in advance if you can do it on the spot and cheaper?” Partially this is true. The course can be even cheaper butDiving, diver in the sea diving is a sport where there might be problems with a tragic end and therefore we think that it is better to have some training in advance. That way we have the  possibility to try everything several times and discuss anything with the instructor rather than do some quick training at sea side. In addition, many local instructors in the Czech Republic may better prepare you for the various “practices” that sea side schools may not in order to save time, costs, etc. On the downside diving in the Czech Republic is restrictive in the sense that you dive outside mainly in ponds where it is very cold, with minimal visibility and overall it is more stressful than diving in the sea. For many people it can be an experience that may change their feelings about this amazing sport. Therefore, we recommend you to save more money and go with the course at the sea where you can learn  during the week all thats needed for outdoor dives. Diving is the experience which can in many people cause sense of fulfillment and that’s why we have included it among our activities.

Trekking – travelling on your own

Traveling around the world is basically just one big trek. Forget the fact that most of the time you’ll just be riding or flying. Good physical condition will be needed from the start to the finish. The start can be difficult for many people. Every traveler wants to enjoy traveling, not wallowing  in a hotel, because he/she just cannot continue. We have no illusions that we won’t avoid that. However, preparations are important for us so we exercise before traveling. We train by experiencing  different fields under various conditions. We  go camping and try the travel gear we have bought for our Trekking in the naturetrip. It is a time-consuming phase that takes more than one weekend of your time. Therefore you have to carefully think about how this time will be spent. We recommend to select various treks in advance. From the beginning, start with shorter  distances. Gradually plan longer and longer distances throughout whole weekend. If you are lucky enough to work close to home or you have a bus stop nearby then leave your car or bike in the garage and walk. The more you walk, the better. You get used to the shoes that you are about to use for several months but more importantly you will get into the “travel” tempo. It is said that you should walk at least 10,000 steps a day which is in average about 8 km. Of course it is down to the individual. To make sure that you manage such a daily goal it is recommended that you buy a pedometer. We did that and now we are so motivated that we compete with each other about number of steps and distances. Walking is one of the most natural and healthiest activities of all. It not only  increases physical fitness but also  improves your mood because it has a significant affect on the human psyche. Let’s go walking!

 Yoga – a balm to the body and soul

Planning, meeting the deadlines, website creating and a thousand other small poweryogathings can be difficult to handle. This might have an impact on your mood after several weeks or months. In order to keep a good home mood, Martina decided to attend her favorite power yoga lessons, where she rejuvenates her energy levels and is happier and brings about new ideas. Let’s skip our tiny jokes and face the truth. Any style of yoga like power yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga or other styles stretch and relax the entire body and make it more flexible. It is a very healthy exercise and a really a wonderful preparation for any other activities. In addition, the knowledge of such exercise will certainly help us during our trip in case we need to stretch our bodies to relieve pain or stress.

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