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Mexico is the last country of Latin America that we intend to visit during our trip around the world. It is the first country where we will see pyramids. We mainly want to explore the historical sights from times of the Aztecs and the Incas in Mexico. On the other hand our vacation in Mexico will be also an experience in terms of gastronomy because we love Mexican cuisine.

Places to visit in Mexico

From the South American city of Lima in Peru we will go directly to the capital city of  Flag of MexicoMexico – Ciudad de México. In Europe this city is often rated as unsafe and dirty but we won’t let the rumours discourage us. We decided to make our opinion about this metropolis by exploring the city on our own, but of course with caution.

It is possible to take several trips from the capital city. Mexico City is a perfect base for travelling in Mexico. And to make our traveling in Mexico as independent as possible we would like to move from one place to another by using local transportation in Mexico.There is nothing to worry about. This country is just as safe as other countries. If you don’t believe it just ask yourself a question why there so many foreigners, mostly Americans, living in the country-side.

One of the best and most favourite trips is to religious centre of the Aztecs known as Teotihuacán. This monumental place hides many secrets and mysteries that are still undiscovered. The historical place of Teotihuacan should be visited by everyone who stays in Mexico City and has time.

Attractions in Mexico

A road from Mexico City to the city of Puebla leads through the pass Paso de Cortez where there are two volcanoes located – Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl also known as Itza. Thanks to friendlier weather during the main season there is also good visibility and the volcanoes are easy to snap with a camera even from a long distance. And if the weather is not friendly at all everyone can still visit Puebla only 40 km away.

Puebla is a beautiful historical city with many sights and attractions to see. Unfortunately most of them are under reconstruction after the last earthquake. Earthquakes are quite common in this region.

But the Aztecs left behind more attractions in Mexico. One of them is the Great Pyramid of Cholula, also known as Tlachihualtepetl. The archaeological zone of Cholula is located only 7 km from Puebla. Looking at the pyramid from further away it looks like a church built on a green hill.

Mexican chilliTravelling in Mexico and Yucatan

Besides the Aztecs there were other tribes like the Olmecs and the Jaguari people who also built pyramids and mysterious cities. One of them is a hamlet called Monte Alban close to the city of Oxaca. There can be found many UNESCO sights and thanks to a smaller population it is a very nice place to relax and find the strengthfor upcoming trips. Part of the relaxation can be trying some of the local cuisine. In Oaxaca region it is very typical to try Tamales but it is worth tasting  traditional Nachos or Burritos, Guacamole, Quesadillas and many other great delicacy of local cuisine too. And because drinking culture should not be forgotten, we will for sure have a shot of Tequila or a glass of Margarita containing Tequila.

With full tummies we can continue our traveling. Our journey will take us to the Yucatan peninsula surrounded by the Bay of Mexico and the Caribbean sea. The most visited place on the Yucatan peninsula is Merida. This city can take pride in its good quality of life and and its beautiful greenery. The main purpose of visiting this place is the nearby important site of Chichen Itza, which is an entrance to the civilization of the Maya. And whoever is interested in Mayan culture should visit the culturally important city called Uxmal. If we want to say that a vacation in Mexico is great we will have to book accommodation in Cancun at the seaside and swim in the Caribbean sea before we leave Mexico and will go for new adventures in the USA.

Bienvenidos a México! Welcome to Mexico!

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