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Puebla, Oaxaca and Mérida - scenic historical cities of Mexico

Our wandering along Mexico led us to old city of Puebla but we also experienced lovely moments in Oaxaca and then went through a super heat in Merida. But no matter what Puebla, Oaxaca and Mérida are definitely worth a visit and we enjoyed our stay in all of these cities.


Puebla is a capital of the same name district in the heart of Mexico. The main dominant of the city is an active volcano Popocatépetl. Terrible word, isn’t it. 😉 There are many historical buildings, beautiful cathedral and with Zocalo Pueblaeven more beautiful chapel inside. The walls are covered with gold in the way we have never seen before. But Puebla is definitely city for young people. There is a place that looks like Expo but more modern. 😉 And Mexican government donates enterprises for young people. We were able to watch spectacular show on ice called Blue ice for only 100 MXN (cca 6,5 USD).  Right next to this show you can also visit the Bodies exhibition for same amount of money. If you are looking for cheap and nice accommodation in Puebla we can highly recommend you to stay with Salvador via Airbnb! We truly enjoyed staying at his place, calm place and still close to downtown. And if you are curious where to eat local specialty called Torta, you need to go to Mercado Sabores de Poblanos – it is delicious food. We recommend you to stop here when you come back from your Cholula trip.


This city will remain in our memory mainly thanks to an amazing couple that hosted us through Couchsurfing. Within only a short time we spent in the town we had the opportunity tu visit many interesting places and taste delicious foods and drinks. 😉 It was neverending marathon of new and unknown things. Downtown was very nice and cozy, full of pastel colors very similar to those we already saw in Chile. Curiosity of the city is the local cheese Santo Domingo Oaxacanamed Quesillo. If you want to try this cheese in other regions of Mexico look for Oaxaquena queso. Or try Mole it is a chocolate sauce with chilli, you can also find it in Puebla. And if you like something wilder then definitely taste worms and grass hoppers on local market. The market is very interesting itself. There is a lunch system that ordinary tourist has no chance to comprehend and try. You need to be local or stay with them to be introduced to that. How it works? You buy ingredients in several stalls and in one of them they will cook you your lunch. And then you pay to somebody else. We were lost there but our friends knew and it was amazing experience. 😉  Once you are in Oaxaca you definitely need to go on the trip to Hierve el Agua! Have you ever wanted to visit Pamukkale in Turkey, Egerszálok in Hungary or Mammoth Hot Springs in the USA and never had chance to – come to the same place in Mexico. The journey is a bit difficult but fun though – take colectivo (and experience ride in 6 persons in the car for only 5 pax) and set out to the town of Mitla. From here take a truck that drives you directly to Hierve el Agua. The journey for 2 costs 180 MXN (cca 12 USD). Another interesting place to visit from Oaxaca is Monte Albán, an archeological site. But we will write you more about it in our next post. 😉


Mérida is an inland city and it is interesting for its establishment. It was built on the area where pyramids used to be. La Casa Montejo MéridaEspecially Zocalo, the main square, is symbolically built on the spot where used to a pyramid. This town was built more likely in European style. The city lies at the Yucatan peninsula. And not many people know what the real meaning of Yucatan is. It means “I don’t understand you’ in the original language. Local inhabitants replied this to Spanish who conquered the peninsula and asked natives for the name of their land. 😉 Mérida is located in a very hot and dry place. Therefore you need a hat and the most popular once are made from the cactus, they hold its shape and can be rolled up and hidden in a pocket or whenever. If you use them again the shape is always great. 😉 Once you are here, definitely visit some of the pyramid complexes – we recommend Uxmal where we were or more commercial Chichen Itza that we decided not to visit.

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