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Mayan Ruins - the true mexican history

There are so many pyramids all over the Mexico that one wonders. And it is also the reason why we had to divide everything into two posts. That would simply be too much for one. And here we bring you another story from our wandering. This time about the Mayan Ruins that are a bit different but still very beautiful like other Mexican pyramids we have seen.


location: 5 km from city of Palenque

how to get there: by colectivo from Palenque /

total price per person: 64 MXN (cca 4 USD) entrance fee + 20 MXN (cca 1,30 USD) colectivo there and back

Palenque is another of many places that is worth visiting in Mexico. It is located in Chiapas and pyramids are situated in the jungle close to the city of the same name. Are you thinking why to go there? This place is full of controversies and absolutely amazing. How could Mayas build such a huge and beautiful site in the jungle? Pyramids in Palenque are preserved mainly thanks to their location because Spanish did not find them and therefore did not destroy them like other archeological sites in South America for example. Besides its size there is another historical mysterious legacy.  The significant discovery is a tomb of ruler Pakal in the Tomb of Inscriptions. And what makes it so unique? It is a tomb stone with picture of Pakal himself where he looks like an astronaut flying to the Space. In the past people were able to enter inside but since a certain year no-one gets permission anymore. The original is still in the heart of the pyramid and no-one will bring it away because the pyramid was built around the tomb. They would have to destroy the pyramid to get the tomb out. Why the Mexican government decided to hide this place from public is up to now a mystery well as the picture of Pakal himself. Come to explore yourself, this place is fascinating and the jungle together with the pyramids enchanted us in the best way.


Iguana in Uxmallocation: 85 km from Mérida

how to get there: by bus from Mérida from ADO terminal /

total price per person: 203 MXN (cca 13,2 USD) entrance fee + 110 MXN (cca 7,1 USD) return bus ticket

Uxmal (read as Ushmal – mayan words are pronounced differently in Mexico) is allegedly one of the most important Mayan Ruins together with Chichen Itza in Mexico, Caracol in Belize or Tikal in Guatemala. Pyramids in Uxmal are on the first sight so different comparing to other Mayan pyramids. You ask yourself questions whether these pyramids were really built by the same civilization. When we entered the archeological site we were immediately mesmerized by the view at the Pyramid of the Magician. All pyramids there were accessible in the past but nowadays it is no longer possible to climb them up. This was a bit disappointing for the price we paid when we missed the view from the top but even though the site was still worth visiting. And there are not only pyramids but also the iguanas. And many of them, we met hundreds. 😉 We liked the visit mainly because of the Pyramid of the Magician that is really extraordinary. But the entrance fee comparing to other archeological sites in Mexico was overpriced. Probably it is same in Chichen Itza that we dropped. Our advice is – yes go there in case you still have some money to spend during your backpacking trip and if not we would rather recommend you to visit any cenote around Mérida.

Tulum – swimming underneath the pyramids

Tulumlocation: 5 km from Tulum

how to get there: by colectivo from any place at Riviera Maya

total price per person: 64 MXN (cca 4,15 USD) entrance fee + colectivo ride (depends on the destination)

It would be a sin spending vacation on Riviera Maya in Mexico and not going to Tulum. And why? Honestly the pyramids in Tulum did not really impress us and we think that other Mexican Pyramids are much more interesting. But swimming directly on the beach underneath the pyramids is a unique experience! Arrive here early in the morning, the best for 8 AM when they open. Take area map and run directly to the beach. Leave the tour for later. We were lucky and remained here for a while alone so we took many beautiful shots of an empty beach with pyramids. And swimming in the sea there was gorgeous! Around 10 AM we had to leave because the beach was almost full of course. But no worries! Stroll the site and on the exit go left. After 10 minute walk you will find one of the most beautiful beaches on Riviera Maya. White sand, azure water and palm trees everywhere – true paradise on Earth. Similar beach can be visited either in Cancun but it is touristy and overcrowded.

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