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Peru could be called the cradle of the Incan Empire. Even now there are living descendants of the Incas. Their habitations can be mostly found in the Andes Mountains and they try to live in a traditional way. And given that the Incas constitute up to half of the population, Quechua is still the official language next to Spanish.

How to get to PeruFlag of Peru

For us the answer was simple because we wanted to visit Peru overland from Chile. But we had to search for the best options. Peru, based on many tourist guides, is easily accessible from Chile. It is possible to go by local train heading there twice a day. Alternatively the use of taxi or the so called “collectivo” for groups is an option too.

Places to visit in Peru

The first place we are going to visit during our trip around the world in Peru will be Tacna. It is a small town 35 km away from border. In order for our vacation in Peru to continue we have to set out a few kilometres away from Tacna. Within our traveling in Peru there is a city of Arequipa known for its wonderful UNESCO sites offering travellers the opportunity to investigate first hand Peruvian history. The next place worth seeing, during our vacation in Peru, will be the town of Puno. Puno is situated at the Lake Titicaca with beautiful views across the water. Inhabitants occupying islands on the Titicaca Lake still live in the same traditional way as their ancestors.

What travellers would we be if we stayed in Peru and did not visit Cuzco. Cuzco is definitely on our list. This town is protected by UNESCO is located in 3399 m altitude. Therefore it is recommended to stay there for longer time in order to acclimatize. Acclimatization is important for all tourists arriving here to humble the famous Inca trek called the Inca Trail. It is seen as one of the top treks around the World. And because it ends at the famous Machu Picchu makes it even more popular. The entire trek leads along roads in the Andes Mountains which were originally built by the Incas. Even train transportation in Peru is on a great level, even from Cuzco to Macchu Picchu. But there are many other treks. For instance a place called Ollantaytambo that remains the only Inca city today might be of interest. Worth visiting close to Ollantaytambo are places called Maras and Moray.

Quechua Indians and Llama Cuzco PeruAttractions in Peru

One of the most fabulous places in Peru is Nazca, with doubt. It would be a sin visiting all other attractions in Peru without going see to the Nazca Lines. The figures drawn by the Nazca lines are very exciting, especially when you realize you can only see them from the air.

Whoever enjoys cosmopolitan life more than stays in nature should travel to Lima. The capital city of Peru is the driest city on Earth. It is worth noting that Lima is only 185 altitude which is a big jump coming here from the Andes.There are many historical sights from the era of the Spanish domination in Lima. But not only sights are on our list. We won’t forget to try local cuisine.Peruvian cuisine might be very strange for European even though the meals are made from similar ingredients. The local specialty is “Cebiche”, a food made from fresh sea fish with vegetables. But what is really surprising could bethe local speciality – “fried guinea pig”.

The most popular drink is considered Inca Cola or tea made from coca.Coca helps travelers to acclimatize faster in high altitudes, plus it helps to keep everyone in a better mood. It is forbidden in most countries to consume coca in any form but it is still tolerated in South America. So if you plan to go to South America like us do not hesitate to try their tea. The next stop during our trip around the world is North America where we will happily enjoy the different drinks and dishes Mexico offers.

Allinmi Hamusqaykichik! Vítejte! Bienvenidos al Perú! Welcome to Peru!

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