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Chile is country full of beautiful contrasts and it offers many attractions to every visitor.

Attractions in Chile Flag of Chile

A vacation in Chile might be literally a fairy tale. It is the longest state in South America and thanks to its length there are various climates and natural conditions. In the south of Chile, in Patagonia (which partially belongs to Argentina also) you can enjoy wandering through picturesque landscape where one can clear your mind, or  watch great penguin colonies that can be seen on several of the islands of Patagonia.  Patagonia offers another unforgettable and absolutely fascinating experience and that is whale watching. For some travellers this region can appear to be familiar at some point. It reminds us of Norway maybe because of fjords lining the coast. But what seems to be really extraordinary is the national reservation of Torres del Paine that is visited by thousands of tourists year after year. Walking under the tops of the Andes Mountains must be an exhilarating experience. The base for travelling in Patagonia is Punta Arenas, for national parks it is mostly Puerto Natales.

When moving more to the north of Chile we can meet a landscape full of pure clean lakes and admirable fauna. And then we will be in the centre of the latest happenings in the capital of Chile. Santiago de Chile is quite similar to European capital cities. For visitors it is often difficult to find there the true origin of Chile. Historical sights in Chile are not common. That is because Chile is localized on a very active seismic layer. Therefore you can find like only 5 historical buildings in Chile older than 150 years. Public transportation in Chile should be to a good standard. Santiago has a highly-developed metro system and orientation should be easy for everyone.

Traveling in Chile

Parinacota volcano ChileTravelling in Chile is lengthy but comfortable. Moreover it is great opportunity to go on Panamerican highway. Panamericana is very long and it offers nice views. This is the best way how to get to the Atacama desert known as the driest place on Earth.

Vacation in Chile doesn’t have to be only about sight seeing and trekking. Thanks to its location Chile offers fun on sandy beaches along the Pacific Ocean. Swimming and water sports are possible all year round and accommodation in Chile can be booked in any season. Among the most well-known resorts is  Iquique situated close to the Atacama desert and Bolivia. Worthy of notice is a town of Arica situated cca 20 km from Peru.

Vacation in Chile is a welcome change

As we mentioned Chile is a country of contrasts and the same is true about the weather. It seem that Chile will be the only country where we will have to wear all sort of clothes and equipment that we will bring there. But it’s not only weather that varies so often. We can say the same thing about local food. Chilean cuisine is not considered as  imaginative but we don’t want to judge until we try it forourselves.At thecoast we will taste mainly seafood we usually do not have the chance to enjoy so often in Central Europe. But we definetely want to taste a meal called Chorrillana in Valparaiso which is preferred by the male part of population in general. It is a meal from French fries, meat, eggs and onions. And we won’t forget to drink Chilean wines which get the best care from wineyard’s owners and are so delicious.

Bienvenido a Chile! Welcome to Chile!

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