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The USA is one of the countries we have always wanted to visit. Many people might say there is nothing interesting beyond the ocean, but we really want to explore this country. Moreover once we visit America it is a greatFlag of the United States of America opportunity going to the USA.

East Coast of the USA

Because The United States of America is so large  we really had to decide where to go there because a year of travelling in The States wouldn’t be enough. We would like to see as many places as possible so we will visit the East Coast first because it is easily reachable from Mexico.

Destination number one is Florida, called “The Sunshine State”. And the name fits. This is the warmest state in the USA if we do not count Hawaii. The temperature is so high all year that even at Christmas they decorate palm trees instead of coniferous trees. The first place one thinks of when somebody says Florida is usually Miami. We want to stay in Miami even though we know there are basically no historical remains but there are long and nice sandy beaches so we can at least have some fun and relax. And when we get tired of Miami we can start travelling in the USA. Our plan is to rent a car because we find it really convenient. Let’s hope that the transportation in USA will not startle us. And now we can drive we can discover attractions in America. Our first journey will take us to Florida Keys where we want to reach the Key West island. It is going to be a very cool road trip – just us, the car, great music and beautiful landscape around us. We will truly enjoy this way of travelling in States.

Miami, Florida, USASince we know we should focus on fauna and flora too, our next stop will be the wetlands called the Everglades. Lucky ones can observe alligators, crocodiles or Florida panthers but from a  safe distance. When we have had enough of nature we will set out to Tampa where we want to buy a ticket to the local Luna park. We love going back to our childhood and there are many opportunities to do it in Florida. This applies to our next stop – Orlando, known for the Walt Disney World Resort and Cape Canaveral with famous Kennedy Space Center. There are new adventures lying ahead of us. There are 13 hours to go by car until our next stop but this is definitely the vacation in America with the magic we longed for. We will drive through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia until we get to Washington, D.C.. The capital city of USA is a place with several several monumental constructions hiding certain mysteries. Every American should visit their capital at least once in their life. After touring American institutions we will head towards next big city. The Big Apple, as New York City is often called, is a place of many cultures, religions and opportunities of how to spend leisure time.We cannot miss this city. And the same goes for Boston which we will visit afterwards. This is the only place in the USA with some history. So if there are any historical cities in the USA then Boston and Cambridge are definitely them. After long stays in hectic city life we will finally drive into thecountryside. Driving through the states of New Hampshire and Vermont. For that moment will have to say goodbye to our vacation on the East coast of US. But it doesn’t mean our traveling in the US comes to an end. We will just go for a small jaunt to Canada bordering with the USA.

Places to go in USA and roadtrip on Route 66

After a short vacation in neighbouring Canada we are back in the United States of America, in Illinois to be precise, where we will visit Chicago.We have heard the city is full of green parks so we are very curious to find out if it’s true.  And now comes the time for our big dream! It would never be a proper roadtrip if we didn’t drive on Route 66. Of course we would prefer going by a motorbike but by car is going to be more comfortable, Route 66especially when we have our backpacks with us.

Driving Route 66 will lead us to St. Louis in Missouri.We plan to visit the local attractions and gather our strength before we leave for our next long journey. Via Kansas we will get to Oklahoma state and in Oklahoma City we can have a rest.Oklahoma City runs a water taxi service, for local people it is a common thing but for visitors it is often a special attraction. It is also recommeded to go to a baseball game so we hope we will be lucky enoughto get tickets. On our way we will also hit Texas for a while. At  Amarillo we plan to stop at the Cadillac Ranch and maybe taste some typical American cuisine. The specialty of this state is called Tex-Mex and is sometimes served up in our next destination Albuquerque in New Mexico.In Albuquerque we will follow in the footsteps of TV series ”Breaking Bad”. Originally this place was not in our itinerary but after watching it we changed our minds.Thanks to this TV series we will drive to the Four Corners Monument which connects 4 American states – New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. Arizona is another place for us to linger and theGrand Canyon is a must. It is amazing and probably the only place where one can camp out and also visit the Native Americans. It is a really unique, but quite expensive, experience. However this is not the only place where you can spend your money. Whoever has money, or wants to win money, then Las Vegas in Nevada is the the right place. This place is located only 3 hours from the attraction of the Skywalk in the Grand Canyon. There are many local attractions in Las Vegas too. But we have to try our fortune and if we don’t win, there’s nothing to worry about because our trip around the world is the greatest victory for us anyway.

West coast of USA

Beverly Hills, California, USAOur travelling on Rounte 66 will definitely come to an end on the west coast of USA. In Los Angeles we will return our rental car and explore L.A. on foot and use public transport too. We plan to stay in California for a few days. Once we have had enough of L.A. we will hop on a bus toSan Francisco. We were told that this road is one of the most beautiful in California. So we hope wewill take the right bus. But our vacation in USA is not over in San Francisco. We agreed to book tickets to Hawaii and visit at least a small part of this magnificent island. And from here we will say “Aloha to the States” and we fly to Japan.

Welcome to the United States of America!


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