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Los Angeles - city of TV series, movies and stars

Our trip around the world took us to the city of movies and beaches during our travelling in the USA. And thanks to the generosity of Czech people it felt like home again for a while. From the road trip in the US Soutwest and the city of playing Las Vegas we set off directly to Los Angeles.

Hollywood and downtown LA

Hollywood starEveryone who hears the word LA usually thinks of Hollywood Walk of Fame full of stars. We did not miss that when we were in the town. The entire star craziness started in 1958. Today the Walk is spangled with names of very famous to less famous but important. There are lists of names on the internet with locations. They came handy for us and thanks to them we found names like Sylvestr Stalone, Marylin Monroe, Donald Duck, Queen and others.. Seems like no one from the show business retires until they obtain own star on the Walk of Fame.  It may seem the ceremony is a daily routine but it is not. We were very lucky because we met a star and saw the ceremony where she was getting hers. We were told it is very rare to see it.

But personally we were more amazed by the TCL Chinese Theatre. It is the alternative of the Walk of Fame and it seems to be more personal. Famous people leave their imprints here including their signatures or bon mots. You can compare size of your feet with Marilyn Monroe or high five with imprint of Vin Diesel’s hand.  😉

If you had enough stars them you definitely need to go the the famous Hollywood sign. There are many ways how to get there but you should know that getting directly to the sign is illegal. We managed to find two places close to the Hollywood sign. First place to see it is from Innsdale Dr but better view probably offers place at Mulholland Dr.

Pacific Coast Highway – famous PCH

Pacific Coast HighwayIf you want to enjoy beautiful views on LA and its picturesque surroundings like us, set off to Pacific Coast Highway. PCH is 655 miles long (1055 km) and leads through California from Dana Point to San Francisco and supposedly even further. We drove only a small part of the PCH around Los Angeles. But we have to say that this road offers spectacular views at the bays, beaches and towns there. Who like Californication TV series may imagine what we mean.  And there is also the end of the legendary Route 66 on the Pacific Coast Highway. You can take a picture at the Route 66 end sign at Santa Monica pier.

Movie locations everywhere you look

Thanks to the LA beauty and also low budgets forced film crews and units to choos as the exteriors close places. And we understand why as there are so many photogenic and various places for comedies or war movies.

MASH placeWe visited MASH film location. We love this TV series so we could not miss our visit of Malibu Creek State Park. It is a must for every fan. You can visit spots where tents were pitched, heliport or take a picture with 4077 ambulance car. Visit M*A*S*H 4077 film location in Malibu Creek State Park. The entrance fee is 12 USD/car and persons inside. Totally worth it!

Worth noticing is also wester town called Paramount Ranch. This place is surprisingly free of charge (at least nobody wanted us to pay) and you can come inside the houses like saloons, prisons or sheriff’s house. Dr. Quinn was filmed there.

Another interesting place we visited was Walsh House from Beverly Hills 90210. This place is special because it is an ordinary inhabited house, no coulisse. The place can be seen from the street free of charge. But do not enter the property 😉

Universal Studios

Universal StudiosHave you read about our experience with Disneyland? If not it does not matter. Universal Studios is like a Disneyland but for adults and older kids. It is literaly similar business but in our opinion you also get to know many interesting information there. Attractions are divided thematic according to movie or TV serie (The Simpsons, Fast and Furious, Harry Potter, …). In every section you can meet your heroes (or at least their copies ;-)) and of course roller coasters and other wild attractions are not missing. They are created as a perfect 3D illusion in the film models and it works! But what amazed us the most was a small trip to the real Universal Studios. We saw movie scenes and also how they make several effects we watch. In the end we visited the museum of artefacts from our favourite movies. We spent there the entire day from the morning till the evening and we could imagine spending one day more. The price is a bit higher but on the other hand you get what you pay for and experience and see what no one else can give you!  Entrance fee for 2 adults including parking was 190 USD.

The feeling of home

Our host JohnOur stay in LA would not be so amazing if it weren’t for our gorgeous host Honza (John) and his family! John lives in nearby town and we have to admit that staying with him reminded us of home. It all began with welcome shot and schnitzels. After that we swallowed the story together with his father. They described us their emigration from former Czechoslovakia in the 70s and about their integration in the States. We also had the opportunity to visit John’s working environment, technological gigant Broadcom. He showed us many interesting things. We would like to give John a big thank for that once again! But as it usually is we had to say goodbye and journey to our final destinatination in the USA, to San Francisco.

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