Road trip in southwest USA

Road trip in the US Southwest - another great adventure

The best way of transportation in the USA is renting a car. We already tried it once and it was worth it. Florida road trip allowed us to experience many wonderful experiences so we decided to rent a car at again and went on another road trip this time to the southwest USA. And it was hell a ride. We had to drive the US southwest within 21 days. But the list of attractions we wanted to visit was big and we did not have enough time. In the end we managed to make it. And what did we actually see?

Breathtaking canyons

Grand CanyonUSA Southwest is very rich in vast canyons and each one is very unique. Besides the most famous Grand Canyon we obviously could not miss some other known canyons during our trip. As one of the first we visited Bryce Canyon we will probably never forget as there was absolutely magical atmosphere. But it certainly does not stay behind either Canyonlands that captivated us with its beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The last of the canyons we visited was the Red Rock Canyon. Short distance away is the famous Hoover Dam.

Valleys looking like Mars landscapes and film locations

Our road trip along the US led us into different valleys. The most interesting was definitely Goblin Valley which is famous for the Star Wars movies. But we must not forget also the famous Monument Valley located in the Navajo territory where Forest Gump was filmed. Speaking of movies we went to look at the recommendations to the place called the Alabama Hills where western movies are shot. The trip along the southwestern US also took us to the Death Valley where we have reached the lowest point of Northern America.

Secret attractions of the US southwest and legendary Route 66

Route 66Besides the most visited attractions in the USA southwest, there are still places not so well known to the public but still worth a visit. Among these is without a doubt the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest where the oldest living trees in the world can be found. To those who like mystery we definitely recommend visit of ghost town Bodie and right next to it to get a few photos of Mono Lake. The legendary Route 66 is a classic that no one should miss but only several people know that a short distance from the road is the best preserved crater in the world Meteor Crater.

National parks are the pride of the US southwest

YosemiteIn this area are quite a lot of parks. We would have loved to visit all of them but unfortunately time did not allow us so we had to choose. Finally we visited Arches National Park where there are giant natural sandstone arches. Sequoia National Park uncovered the tallest trees in the world. Yosemite National Park did show us the amazing fauna and flora and really stretched our bodies.

As you can see we have more than enough experiences so we decided to split the articles and bring them to you gradually. Stay tuned and if you are going to the southwest of the United States we can advise you where to look or how to save some money.

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