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How to support us

Here is a short introduction to your support of the project Our Trip Around the World. We truly recommend you to see our travel plan or find more about us. We hope you will get better ideas of why to cooperate with us and support us and our project.

For individual donors: thanks to our experience we know that each project needs to be covered with a good financial plan. In this case we are speaking about thousands dollars we have to save up. Since Our Trip Around the World is not that type of project a giant companies would stand a line for, we would like to ask anyone with a great heart who comprehends to our dream to support us. We do not require thousands of dollars. Even a small sum of a few bucks counts and will for sure delight and help.

For companies & organizations: If there is any company or organization to be found for material or financial suport, we are willing to free up some space on our website Our Trip Around the World for your ad or banner. Our website is very well prepared mainly due to an advertising plugin for WordPress where we are able to create several campaigns for you.

In exchange of your help, we are able to offer:

  • publication of the logo in the Sponsors section,
  • banner advertising on the main page and on target sites,
  • PR article in the Sponsors section according to pre-agreed form,
  • review of the donated goods with reference to your PR on our site and for your use.

A further form of propagation of your company:

  • in an agreed range on social networks (Facebook, YouTube),
  • after the end of the trip, propagation on travel festivals and seminars.

We would like to give you a big thanks to all our sponsors and donors for your support no matter if financial or material, or for leaving any comments at our feeds!

How to donate

We have prepared 3 ways of contributing described below. First two ways of helping us are essentially online and very easy, third option is based on a mutual agreement.

1. Support us using safe and fast way thanks to PayPal in any currency:

You can send us money safely, directly from your PayPal account (even from basic, free account) in any currency you want! You can do that using Send money function and put our email address as receiver. Please do not write us at this email address as we do not check it (email is here only for PayPal purpose). You can get in touch with us using a contact form.

For direct link Send money function in PayPal click here.

2. Support us using transfer of money to Czech crown bank account:

CZK account in AirBank, bank account number: 1013863010/3030


IBAN: CZ43 3030 0000 0010 1386 3010

3. Support us with any material or other goods:  

Any help in this way which will be a benefit for our Trip Around the World is basically welcome. Therefore we would like to ask you only for goods related to travelling. For companies we can, in exchange for financial or material support, offer ad or banner space or entire landing page in the section “Testroom” where a matter-of-fact reviews about the goods you have contributed might be written. More information can be found at the top of this page. You can get in touch with us using a contact form.

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