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Canada‘s area is the largest in America and it may be the most diverse of all the countries of North, South and Central America. Canada is a graceful country. It is surrounded by three oceans – in the east by the Atlantic National flag of CanadaOcean, in the west by the Pacific Ocean and in the north by the Arctic Ocean. There are big metropolitan regions, beautiful national parks and huge fjords in north of Canada where the Inuits (Canadian Eskimos) live. Beside Eskimos, there is a big community of francophone residents in Canada. Provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick try to keep a value of their main language – French. English is second place and is not an officially recognized language. If you go to Canada from the east coast of the USA like us, then Quebec will probably be a first province you visit. We hope to meet nice and kind people who will be willing to communicate in English with us because French is really not our cup of tea.

Travelling in Canada

Our vacation in Canada is not going to be long but there are some attractions in Canada for us to visit. We plan to travel in Canada the same way as in the USA, in a car we will rent there. The first place we will hit in Canada will be Montreal. We want to stay stay there for couple of days so that we have enough time toexplorethe city and get to know the local habits. We want to visit the famous great parks of Montréal and its local historical monuments. What we cannot miss is familiarization with the local cuisine. Canadian cuisine is little bit different from Quebec cuisine where there is a noticeable impact of French cuisine. Let’s hope that is true and we will taste a very delicious meal again.

Canada countrysideAfter Montréal we need to stop in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa. There are many attractions in Ottawa.Besides the beautiful parliament bulding, the city offers many other cultural places to visit – galleries and museums can be considered. Or shopping in the well-known local market place might be a nice experience too.

But there is another city worth a visit in the province of Ontario. It’s Toronto. When you say Toronto the first thing we imagine is CN Tower. It is really typical image displayed on photos of the city, TV spots or in travel magazines. Apart from spectacular views that one can see from this building there are many other places to admire. It can be the Old town or the Distillery district. Toronto is also known for its sporting events, mainly NHL and NBA games. We hope to get the opportunity and time to watch and visit one at first hand.

Vacation in Canada at Niagara Falls

We would truly love to travel in Canada across its pure unspoiled, uninhabited countryside but there is not enough time and money to make this dream come true. But we decided to visit at least one natural phenomenon, Niagara Falls in Canada. It would be a sin not to visit this attraction. We believe that observing the waterfalls will be very relaxing and having a rest is going to be necessary for us because we have to return to the USA and continue our American roadtrip.

Welcome to Canada! Bienvenue au Québec!

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