Montreal - cosmopolitan and multicultural city in Canada

Montreal is probably the most famous city in the Canadian province of Quebec. For tourists the whole province is interesting because first official language is French and it can be heard at every corner. After French is the second official language is English which is controlled by the majority of the population but there are might be exceptions.

Notre Dame MontrealCity attractions and beautiful buildings

In Montreal there are several places worth visiting. We definitely recommend the Notre Dame cathedral whose exterior is beautiful but the interior is even more beautiful. Entrance fee is 5 CAD per person (cca 3,83 USD) which is rather symbolic for what can be seen inside. From the cathedral it is a short walk to the city center where you can see all important buildings. A short walk away is the Old Port full of stylish shops. Who loves beautiful rustic old houses and architecture will simply love Montreal. Just set out to any street and admire the architecture. Those houses charmed us either with their colors or imagination.

Excellent food at every corner

Who is hungry should try pancakes or ice cream with maple syrup. It simply belongs to Canada. The local specialty Poutineis, however, Poutine (pronounced Putin), and do not worry. It is an interesting goodness. It is fried with brown sauce and cheese, usually cheddar type. You can find it in almost every restaurant. And what we definitely enjoyed in Montreal are bagels. It looks like a leaky donut, but it’s an excellent baguette that can be enjoyed with everything you like. The choices are vast. For example we tried smoked salmon with crème fraiche, herbs and vegetables. But even with bacon, beef, onion and crab salad. Just perfect! And if you love fresh fruits and vegetables be sure to jump on the local Jean-Talon market where you can buy everything and for very reasonable prices. 😉

But the reason we came to Montreal was a bit more action and adrenaline. Again we were lucky to make our dream come true during our trip around the world. We went for the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix.

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