Boston - city of universities and history in the USA

Boston is beautiful city and it truly won favour with us the most in the USA. On the first sight it enchanted us and we fell in love. It looks so european and many places reminded us of England, primarily the architecture.  Even though we spent only 2 days there we were able to make the most of our visit in Boston and leave with exhilarating experiences within our trip around the world.

Boston – the city of universities

Harvard UniversityThere more than 100 universities and colleges in Boston. We had the opportunity to visit Harvard campus thank to the location of our Couchsurefer’s house. It was really nice. All buildings are surrounded by a park and except the study rooms there are also dorms. The environment is simply enviable. We would be happy to apply for studying here immediately but unfortunately it is not for free in the USA. Scholarships are given only rarely and has to be qualified by good marks. We have no clue how much they exactly charge Harvard Students but our friend in New York City told us that it is no exception paying 60K USD a year. We were shocked!  And there is also MIT in Boston, it is considered the most prestigious  technical school in the world where study only the best of the best. We went inside and we were surprised and welcomed by nice international milieu.

The Freedom Trail

We were recommend to walk the Freedom Trail with all attractions Boston offers. It was a great idea to go. From MIT we decided to walk to Charlestown to visit Bunker Hill Monument where we started our small city pilgrimage. Step by step we reached the port with old navy historical boat and in a distance we saw the military one. Afterwards Constitution boat Bostonwe crossed the bridge and headed towards the Old North Town Church. Here we came across something we have never seen before. Instead of seatings next to each other there were cubes – boxes in the church like in open offices. And one box was for whole family with a Bible for their disposal.

Then we followed Salem Street and because we had walked all day we were really hungry. We found a  pizza place in the house with number 69. Remember Ernesto pizza , never eaten better one! We can recommend you to try his burger pizza, extraordinary and so tasteful.

The other day we followed up the Freedom Trail at the port. We walked to the city and encountered many interesting and historical building. The most of all we liked Park Street Church and Common House where our little adventure ended up. But we decided to go even further downtown Boston. And we were amazed. Before we got there we took a walk through beautiful park and Boston public garden that brought us to Boylston Street considered the main avenue of the town. There is also famous Trinity Church that we unfortunately were not able to see from the inside even though w came on time it was closed. We decided to take Stuart Street down to Chinatown and enjoy something delicious there. Oh yeah, Chinatown again – we simply love it! But let’s leave the food and consider the attraction we probably enjoyed the most in Boston.

Whale watching

Boston is one of the place on the Eastern Coast of North America where you can seasonally (April – October)  watch whales. We couldn’t miss it within our trip around the world! Everything on that day was absolutely perfect – the weather, water, wind speed so we set out far from the dryland to the open ocean with Boston Harbor Cruises on their whalehigh speed catamaran. And within only an hour we had so much fun!  Seeing the whale on our own eyes for the first time in our lives was super and emotinally strong experience. We did not see them jumping but still it was somethig so special, extraordinary and unforgettable. We spotted about 20 whales that day, some of them swam single and many of them in groups. If you get the opportunity do not hesitate to go for whale watching. For less than 52 USD per person you will experience something unimaginably beautiful. And on the top of that BHC, the company we went with, guarantees you to see whales. And if not you get another ticket free or money back. According to the biologists it rarely happens the whales cannot be seen in the whale watching season. We recommend you to go in the afternoon around 12 PM or 2 PM. The boats going in these hours usually know where to go and where the whales are so it saves time and then you have more time for whale watching.

And in order to enjoy more attractions and experiences, more wow effects we journeyed to Canada to celebrate another euphoria and make our longlasting dream come true within our trip around the world…..but about this next time.

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