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Vietnam will be our very first destination which we will visit in Southeast Flag of VietnamAsia. Comparing Vietnam with our previous destination, Japan, is simply impossible. Such different cultures, lifestyles and environment will make us feel like we are in another world. Vietnam stretches back to the east of the peninsula of India. It is a coastal state. We have chosen Vietnam as a destination on our trip around the world for several reasons. It is a cheap country, but also offers countless interesting places to see. Many people from the Czech Republic often have a distorted view about Vietnamese immigrants. Therefore, we would like to meet these people in person in their country of origin and sample all the beauty that this place offers. Vietnam has, thanks to its culture, size and location, many opportunities to see interesting places. It is worth mentioning that although Vietnam was, at one time, a French colony, and even though there are external influences from neighbouring countries, the majority of the population has no religion.

Travelling in Vietnam

As a part of our round the world trip we want to travel to the most beautiful places of this state. Our travelling in Vietnam begins in Hanoi. The capital Halong Bay Vietnamcity of Vietnam, located in the north of the country. Besides seeing the tallest building in Vietnam we would like to visit the Vietnam Palace and Ho Chi Minh’s residence. However, we are looking forward to see the ancient culture of this place. The first mention about this city are from the mid-10th century. From there we will travel to Cat Ba Island and Ha Long Bay. We will enjoy there the beautiful local nature, which is as beautiful as the beaches of Thailand. Then it will be time for rest from the touristy areas therefore we will head towards Ninh Binh and enjoy its amazing caves and temples in the surrounding area. We will for sure not miss the demilitarized zone and rural life in Dong Hoi vicinity. From the north we will move to the center of Vietnam to the city of Hue. Here will begin the real holiday in Vietnam. This medieval city offers many cultural monuments under the protection of UNESCO. However, Vietnam offers numerous other exotic sights that we plan to visit. Among them belong historical cities Da Nang and Hoi An. These sites include parks and beaches like those in Haiphong. We also cannot miss Nha Trang which is known as the best vacation spot in Vietnam. After many hot days it will be more than suitable for us to cool down. Ideal place for such occassion is Da Lat located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Afterwards we will slowly get to the city of Saigon, which is probably one of the most famous places in Vietnam. This city is also often called “Ho Chi Minh City.” It is the largest Vietnamese city located near to the Mekong Delta. It offers many interesting places to see. Whether it is the Reunification Palace orthe very beautiful town hall or the modern business center. Among other places, there are number of temples, pagodas and also Chinatown. Saigon is the real center of all the action.

Vietnamese cuisine

Many people from the Czech Republic know Chinese restaurants which are mostlyrun by Vietnamese immigrants. However, we believe that the food in their homeland is different and tastier. Vietnamese cuisine is no exception and we are looking forward to taste it. The main ingredient is rice. It reflects the location of the country where rice is grown. From rice are produced not only noodles, but also cakes. This cuisine is very healthy due to the high content of vegetables, herbs and meat. Cooking here is done in many ways, including stewing and frying. The advantage of local delicacies is the particularly freshness of the vegetables from which they are produced. Vietnam is a paradise for people who love seafood. Therefore we look forward to tasting meals such as fish sauce and fish in general. An example might be soup Canh Chua. From the meat dishes we would like to try Bun Vietnamese cuisineCha, grilled pork with thin rice noodles, herbs and vegetables. Also well known are their rolls and cakes made from all kinds of ingredients.

Attractions in Vietnam

Among the attractions in Vietnam include the very hard working people. People are used to working  long hours with minimum breaks and holidays. Vietnamese families are also very proud of their image. It might be seen at weddings and similar events. In comparison to our habit of sunbathing, Vietnamese are obsessed with white skin. Women are therefore often clothed to protect their skin.

If women protect their body also in other parts of Southeast Asia we can soon find out in our next destination, Cambodia. We hope to enjoy there at least the same good things as in the case of Vietnam.

Chào mừng bạn đến Việt Nam! Welcome to Vietnam!

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