Nha Trang beach

Nha Trang - seaside vacation spot in Vietnam

Beach in Nha TrangNha Trang is also located at the seaside like Da Nang and Hoi An from where we arrived here. The journey was long therefore we rather saved money on accommodation and took the night train. We did not purchase the 1st class with the beds but only 2nd class and it costs us 420.000 VND/person (cca 18,50 USD). It was okay for one night and we were also able to sleep because we asked for seat at the table where is enough legroom. In the morning we get off the train, left the railway station and walked towards the beaches where we also accommodated.

Accommodation in Nha Trang

Finding accommodation in Nha Trang is not difficult unless you are not willing to pay a lot more than anywhere else then it gets a bit complicated. We found accommodation in one guesthouse, they usually call it „Nhà nghỉ“. And because it was low season we bargained the price on 200.000 VND/night (cca 8,8 USD). Originally we were so happy about it, accommodation was very close to the beach and the Vietnamese family seemed very nice. Untill they explored our backpacks and stole us 500.000 VND (cca 22 USD). For the first time in our lives we left some money in the room, inside the wallet in the shorts that were hidden under all the stuff in the backpack so no one could see anything and it was not easy to take.  Even though the lady noticed Martina was not wearing the shorts that day, went to the room and took the banknote from the wallet, smalled changed she left there.  But Martina remembers and she knew that her stuff was differently organized compared with how she left it in the morning and also the lady left a trace there, she turned the air-con switch off but it was always on the other days. When we called them to our room and wanted to solve things out she only smiled at us and said:”You wanna call the police for only half million dongs?“. And it was totally clear for us. We wanted to leave without paying them those half million they stole us but Vietnamese wanted to fight, police never came and was called many times and we found out in the end that this happens very often in Nha Trang. So if you are ever coming there, never go in Duy Phuoc hotel, skip it!

Beaches, sea, relax and peace

Nha Trang is a vacation destination. There are many  Russians from Asia coming to spend their holiday in Vietnam. In the off season, either way the rain season, there was barely no-one so we were having fun and relaxing on the Po Nagar templebeach at the sea. We also decided to make our stay even more comfortable so we rented the sunbeds on the beach. Of course they asked for big money but in the end we paid only 30.000 VND/2 sunbeds (cca 1,32 USD). 😉 We were also curious about the surrounding beaches so we went with eagerness for a trip and expected to find a beach only for ourselves and wanted enjoy our day there. It was not a big deal to find a beach but the problem was that there was garbage everywhere, such a disgusting mess. At several places it seemed more like a dump site than the beach. Well it seems that in Nha Trang they do not count with tourists sneaking their noses out of the resorts. Besides the beaches and sea we for sure recommend you to visit Buddhist temple known as Long Sơn Pagoda where you can sight beautiful white sitting Buddha but there is also a very long lying one. Worth a notice are also temple towers Po Nagar that were built by Cham culture in the town.

Vietnamese cuisine in Nha Trang

In order not to scare you totally off from visiting Nha Trang there is one reason why you have to arrive. And it is not Nha Trang foodthe city beach but delicious Vietnamese street food you can taste there. We tried quail eggs, jellyfish soup and most of all we loved Bun Thit Nuong – rice noodles with pork meat, vegetables and delicious sauce. Are you curious where to try these titbits? Czech in Vietnam will help you. He wrote absolutely precise instructions including addresses and pictures. And in case you are heading to Vietnam make sure to read his website. There are so many uselful tips and advices for many Vietnamese places. 🙂 And trust us, you eat everything cheap and you will truly enjoy the food! But our culinary experience had to come to an end and it was a time to move on. This time we decided to cool up a bit and that is why we chose Da Lat as our next destination.

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