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Malaysia is next state in region of Southeast Asia we plan to visit. Based on a reference book there is the constitutional monarchy similar to ones inthe European Union. Malaysian union unites several federal states. The Flag of Malaysiahead of the state is still a king, the same as it is in neighbouring Thailand, from where we will get to Malaysia.

Travelling in Malaysia full of history

The history of Malaysia is old and its beginning is dated to the 3rd century B.C. the same as many countries in this region, Malaysia is a former British colony and went through many phases before it formed into actual state.

Our travelling in Malaysia won’t be lengthy and adventurous, yet this vacation in Malaysia will definitely be a great experience that we will keep in our minds for a long time. In Malaysia we will travel mostly by train, sometimes we will use the local bus transportation services. Transport in Malaysia, based on our sources, is on a good level. Ship services are often used too.

Attractions and places to go in Malaysia

Malaysian cuisineWithin our round the world trip we decided to the visit island of Penang. This place will help us to look into the history of Malaysia that combines Chinese and Indian culture along with a colonial influence.

The island of Penang offers many beautiful beaches, even though we have been told that they are not the most beautiful in Malaysia, they are still good places to go as a tourist. There are also many sanctuary temples you can visit and many other architectual jewels. In the city of Georgetown we will find a UNESCO protected zone. The reason why manypeople visit Penang is that it is called the heaven of meals in Malaysia. We hope that locals will point us where to go for really delicious meals because we are sure that the best places are hidden for regular tourists.

Next stop will be the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The capital city of Malaysia is an example of many amazing contrasts a regular visitor can see in one city. For Europeansthe building style might be quite strange at first sight as there are skyscrapers built over original architecture. The most famous building is the twin skyscraper called the Petronas Towers offering breath-taking view over city. Historical sites are also worth seeing as they are inspired by oriental and Islamic culture. Among the most well known buildings is the main train station in Kuala Lumpur or the Jamek mosque which is one of the oldest in city.

Vacation in Malaysia needs right timing

If you wish to go into Malaysia to spend your vacation there then you need to consider very good planning otherwise your expectations might destroyed by the weather. The Weather in Malaysia is quite extreme. There isKek Lok si Temple Malaysia high humidity and there are quite often monsoon rainfalls. Therefore we will try to get into this country at a time when there is a small chance to catch the monsoons.

By the way it is important to mention that there is a large number of natural jewels in Malaysia. For instance you can find there the largest flower on Earth called Rafflesie or the largest cave in the world. And motorsport fans can enjoy the Formula 1 race held in Malaysia every year. And if you are not so lucky to catch race there then go to Singapore like us. Singapore is another place we want to visit during our trip around the world.

Selamat datang ke Malaysia! Welcome in Malaysia!

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