Bodies and Bristlecone pine forest

Mono Lake, Bodie, Bristlecone Pine Forest & Alabama Hills

Moving further. This time our road trip in the US Southwest took us to 4 interesting places. We got them recommended by David with whom we hiked in Sequoia. We set out to Mono Lake, Bodie, Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest & Alabama Hills from Yosemite National Park because i tis super close and on the way. We again experienced many amazing adventures and again appeared in totally different landscape

Mono Lake – tufa everywhere you look

Mono LakeMono Lake is a shallow saline lake located in California. It is so called Endorheic Basin that means the lake has no outflow.  The lake is also an important nesting spot for about 2 million of migrating birds who come here every year. We saw only pooping gulls but still were able to see the structures called tufa from a very close distance. Tufa is a variety of limestone. Structures are beautiful and very photogenic. The lake is surrounded by many campgrounds so it is great to stay overnight. Prices are about 20 USD/night. Close to Mono Lake can be found ghost town Bodie.

Bodie – ghost town

Bodies - The Ghost townAlthough Bodie is today considered a ghost town in the past it used to be one of the wealthiest places in the USA. Gold was mining there and not little. At its time the population was 5000-7000 people and there were about 2000 houses. Some of them remained preserved. We have to admit that this historical remain is in great conditions and has the spirito f the past. Houses and its yards look the same how people left them long time ago in the first half of the 20th century.  It feels like the time stopped running. It is unbelieavably fascinating and photogenic place and for only 5 USD/entrance fee/person worth a visit.  And it haunts here because whenever whoever ever took something from this places something bad happens to the person. Well at least it was written in the book here where wewere reading many personal letters from visitors that described that. We were careful, did not leave anything to coincidence and just walk through town and then headed to enjoy another adventure, drove along the mountain landscapes to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest – the oldest living trees in the world

Bristleconepine forestBeautiful forest hidden in Inyo County in White Mountains, not really a popular spot but so spectacular. The thing is there are the oldest living trees in the world in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. Many people think that the oldest trees are in Sequioia but it is wrong. The oldest living trees in the world are here for more than 4000 years. And they still look so beautiful. We decided to make a short hike and see these oldies along the loop on our own eyes and find out more about the history of these trees. We weren’t only mesmerized by the amazing shapes of the trees but also by local mountain views and surrounding nature. The trees look like from the fairy tale and seem to be so enigmatic. It is so joyful to walk around them and also be able to hug them and feel their energy. It was unforgettable experience. Judge for yourself. Some of the trees are older than Pyramids in Giza! Annual rings of these trees are so close to each other that every centimeter marks tens, maybe hundreds of years.  And what made this place special for us was the fact we were there alone, just us two 😉 Not a top attraction but we believe it will change eventually….after a pleasant stroll and head purge we drove to our next destination Alabama Hills.

Alabama Hills – movie road

Alabama HillsAlabama Hills is situated nearby Lone Pine. We went here upon recommendation and it was a good thing. We found out that many western movies were shot here. And it makes sense. The deserted landscape is full of giant natural arches and it so fascinating. It must have been created for movie making, especially cowboy films and other 400 movies. We did not know many of the films because we prefer different kinds of genres but even though it was really cool to enjoy the ride along this famous movie road. But we could not linger because there were Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon & Hoover Dam waiting for us.

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