Route 66

Route 66 and Meteor Crater - road legend with bonus

From the grandiose Grand Canyon we moved on in order to visit other attractions when travelling the USA. Certainly we could not miss Route 66 and Meteor Crater.

Meteor Crater – the most preserved crater in the world

This impact crater is located nearby the Interstate I-40 between Flagstaff and Winslow, Arizona. It was another first time for us within our trip around the world therefore we had to visit Meteor Crater.  For the entrance fee of 18 Meteor CraterUSD/person we saw interesting documentary about the meteorite fall and crater formation. Then we were able to walk on the edge of the crater with interprentation from the tour guide. After this short tour we also enjoyed their scientificinteractive center. And in the end we went on 3 observation decks. It is best to visit Meteor Crater in the morning, they open at 7 am. If you wish to be as close as possible to the visitor center like us, stay overnight before in RV Park Meteor Crater. You canalso pitch up a tent there. It is very nice and clean campsite with amazing bathrooms for 30 USD/tent/night. *If you stay in this place your entrance fee at Meteor Crater is only 16 USD/person.  It is also possible to drive Route 66 close to Meteor Crater. It is very short part but there are famous Two Arrows and the best was yet to come.

Route 66 – legendary road

Mother Road Route 66 was in total covering 3 940 km (2448 miles) and ran through 9 US states. By the time it was bypassed by modern and faster highway. Luckily there arestill people for who this road never died and they still try to do their best to preserve it under the name Historic Route 66.  Probably the most preserved part is located in state of Arizona leading from Seligman to the “heart of Route 66” Kingman town. For sure there do exist many other parts to drive but this one is the longests and most preserved. We drove this section within our road trip in the US Southwest and we were astonished by the atmosphere and attractions we found along the road.

Hackberry General Store Route 66Route 66 attractions in Arizona

Seligman was great for buying souvenirs, they offered wide choice for a good value. From the entire Route 66 we loved the most Hackberry General Store between Valentine and Antares. It was the place where time truly stopped, absolutely spectacular! On the way on in mentioned town of Antares we were amazed by mail boxes. Never seen so many of them in our lives! Very nearby on the right side of the road on the way towards Kingman there is Mike’s Route 66 Outpost & Saloon. We stopped there and had a drink. Luckily the saloon was full of local people with live music playing. All people looked like real cowboys and it only enhanced the atmosphere. Everyone was so nice tous. Later on we got really hungry and we managed to find a place where to eat for good and in style. It was in Kingman in restaurant called Mr D’z Route 66 dinner where they offer super burgers or hot dogs. It is restaurant like from the 60s with original jukebox and amazing music.

We drove a big part of Route 66 also in California but we must admit that in Arizona it had bigger spark. If you still hesitate whether to go or not, stop waiting. Just go and get your kicks on Route 66. It is simply amazing! We ended up our Route 66 road trip in Californian town Barstow from where we set out to the nature again, this time to Sequioia National Park.

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