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Our feelings about Canada - country of positive people

Canada delighted us and we only spent here 2 weeks. But within these 14 days we met absolutely amazing people and visited beautiful places. And thanks to all these experiences are our feelings about Canada more than positive and we hope to be able to visit Canada once again in the future, either during our trip around the world or another occasion. We wanted to stay longer but our stay in Canada was counted to our ESTA so we had to leave so early, we had no other option.

Infrastructure and transportation

  • Transport in CanadaInfrastructure is on a great level..
  • As for the transportation buses are much cheaper than trains. Paradoxically there is not a big competition and the only thing we would point out negatively to transportation are their services. For instance comparing with transportation in South America where bus transport and its services were much better, they have a lot to improve in Canada. On the other hand it is super easy to find connections basically anywhere and get there smoothly.
  • Besides bus and train transportation it is also possible to use rideshare services, e.g. going with someone and pay for the ride. The best website to search for carpools and rideshares in Canada is definitely Kijiji.


  • Canada is a very safe country. Safety can be compared to Europe and we felt here a lot safer than in the USA where almost everyone has a gun and wears it in public and guns can be bought basically anywhere.


  • People in Canada are very polite, nice, helpful and educated. They have very healthy oppinions , general knowledge and good sense of humor. It was simply a joy to talk with them about anything. Canadians also Bagelsseem to be pacifist in the best way of thinking and telling.
  • Canadians also seemed to be generally more satisfied, there are quite few homeless people and they also have some social and health security systems like us.

Food and drinks

  • Compared with the USA there was better choice of good and healthier food in Canada.
  • Food and drinks here are a bit cheaper than in the USA.
  • The best titbit is of course their maple syrup we tried several times.
  • In Canada you can also buy a really good beer, mainly in Montreal, which was a really nice surprise for us after a few months of travelling.
  • And what to try for sure in Canada is Poutine, bagels or pancakes.


  • If we compare prices with ones from the Czech Republic, Canada is still expensive. But comparing to the USA it House in Niagara Falls Canadais cheaper, mainly thanks to the rate of exchange. And in the supermarkets or markets groceries can be bought relatively cheap.


  • British and French influence is apparent in architecture.
  • Everywhere were clean streets and the nature seemed to be beautiful at least outside the bus because we unfortunately weren’t able to explore there any National Park because we were limited.

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  • Travel with Kevin and Ruth

    So glad that you enjoyed your time in Canada and yes, two weeks is not nearly enough time to really experience Canada.

    We have always commented on the lack of public transportation that our country has but I think that a lot of it is because Canada is a huge country with a small population in comparison to many other countries.

    Maple syrup is to die for!

    24/08/2015 at 05:58
    • Martina

      We are sorry we were not able to stay longer but unfortunately that ESTA thing did not let us. But no worries we will be back and will probably head only to Canada the other time 🙂
      Well in our oppinion we stayed at places that were pretty close to each other and with most population living there so still it is just their stupid organizing of public transport. In cities it is okay but between them it is strange. Mainly that there is basically no competition and services truly suck for what they want everyone to pay. It could be better but we cannot change it.
      And maple syrup? Oh it was divine! And same for other desserts and food in general. We loved it there! 🙂

      26/08/2015 at 05:08

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