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Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix - amazing motosport show

During our visit of Montreal Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix was held there. We secretly hoped to be able to go on
Formula 1 race within our trip around the world on some special and nice place. And our dream came true and even more, the race won his favorite racer Lewis Hamilton Pavel has been following for about 8 years. But it is not all. After the race we went to the pits and met the winner of the F1 Grand Prix in person, exchanged a few words and got his Lewis Hamiltonautograph in commemoration! So the two-time world champion already knows about our trip around the world! 😉 The dream has been completely fulfilled…

Another interesting experience for us has been a meeting with David who works for the only tire supplier in Formula 1 – Pirelli. David knows many people from F1 and travels with them around the world. We got to know many interesting things you normally do not get a chance to know! Many people are curious about wages in Formula 1 (especially for technicians, not the racers). Well you can stay calm and it is kind of an international average in this field, no extreme as you would think.…

Pirelli tires – infinite development

Narration about tires was very interesting. Many people wonder why formula cars do not have the low-profiled tires. The reason is the aerodynamics.  Nowadays there more resources put (more than usual) to the aerodynamics development even at the cost that other components will adapt (tires, shock absorbers). Another interesting thing is that the tires are constantly developed. In other words, at the end of F1 season the tire has different compound and Monocoque Formula 1characteristic than at the beginning. It’s  like if we gave a football player the leather ball at the beginning of the season and in the end he would play with the rubber one. 😉 Of course it is a bad example but still a certain development is there.

Hardly anybody knows that before each race the track is being passed through and every inequalities are followed and scanned by a laser. This information determines weak spots and let Pirelli and mechanics adjust the car and choose correct tire compound. Another thing that is usually overlooked is the asphalt itself. Every circuit has different asphalt compounds so it is not possible to take here tires from the last race (even the rules do not allow them to do it). Next curiosity is that the tires are guarded for each race like British Queen 😉 Tires are locked in a container and are permanently secured by a band of bodyguards. No one can get to them without permission and each motion is carefully recorded.

Formula 1 curiosities

Some people think that working for Formula 1 is easy job only a few days in a week. But the truth is that it is very time consuming job and not suitable for everyone. Either for the time differences or working during the weekends, etc…

If you are curious how much it costs to enter the Paddock (spots where you can encounter with racers and other interesting people) make sure you have circa 3000 EUR (cca 3.323 USD) for 1 race!Canadian Grand Prix 2015

Many people think that Formula 1 teams travel in their own aircraft. The thing is that teams with tiny budgets cannot afford it. Therefore they travel like many of us in the normal planes and air companies so they can sit even next to you on board. 😉 Watch out, maybe you will fly with your favorite racer.

And the last interesting thing we have heard. The biggest chance to encounter your number one racer closely (without the super expensive ticket) is GP Japan. People behave decently so the racers do not mind coming closer.

Canadian Grand Prix – what to know

How to get there? The race is held on the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit located on the small island. You can get there by car but we recommend going by subway during the Canadian Grand Prix weekend!

Where, how and for how much to get your tickets? If you want comfort you can buy more expensive tickets with seats at the grandstands. We recommend the grandstands close to the Hairpin curve. But to the same spot you can get with the cheapest tickets possible (General Admission) for 97 CAD (cca 75 USD) per person but you have to stand. GA tickets can be purchased online (for example at Admission) even the day before the race. It is also your last chance if you come to any F1 spot for the last minute like us…

Canadian Grand Prix 2015Where to stand? Get close to the Hairpin curve. Here are the largest battles in the race. There are several places. Watch our photo gallery and see what view we had compared to people at the grandstands. It was exactly the same view and for less money.

How and by what to get on the race? If you have GA tickets we recommend you to come at least 3 hours in advance in order to have the best view possible. But do not worry if you are hardened you will be able to move anywhere even during the race. 😉 In case you arrive earlier you will not get bored. Before the race itself there is a program with other races that are very interesting too. We recommend you to take lots of water, beer or food and maybe fold out garden chair and of course a great mood! And after the race do not forget to head towards the pits. Maybe you are gonna be lucky like us and will encounter your favorite in person!

Where to accommodate during F1 weekend? It is for sure that accommodation rates will higher up during the F1 weekend. So make sure you book your accommodation long time in advance! If you need something low cost try Couchsurfing – it is for free and it is amazing experience. 🙂

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