Our feelings about Thailand - touristy gem in Southeast Asia

We spent 35 days in Thailand. We had fun at the beaches, enjoyed delicious Thai food, met many interesting people and explored vast historical places. Now we would like to share with you our feelings about Thailand. Infrastructure and transportation When we arrived to Thailand we were fascinated when observing streets, transportation and everything out […]

Our feelings about Cambodia - magnificent shrines & people

We spent 10 days in total in Cambodia and during that time we met several interesting people and visited many beautiful places. Even though we did not spend long time there, we would like to share with you our feelings about Cambodia. Infrastructure and transportation Cambodia was different compared with Vietnam at first sight. Some […]

Our feelings about Vietnam - delicious food & nice temples

We spent amazing 48 days in Vietnam and in that meanwhile we had the opportunity to meet many interesting people, visit beautiful places and gain many ordinary and extraordinary experiences. And therefore we are very happy to share with you our feelings about Vietnam and give you an insight into our travelling in the country. […]

Our feelings about the USA - country full of natural beauties

We spent quite a long time in the USA. During those 73 days we visited many beautiful places and met so many nice and good people who were willing to help us. We would love to share with you our feelings about the USA. Infrastructure and transportation Infrastructure is on a good level in general, […]

Our feelings about Canada - country of positive people

Canada delighted us and we only spent here 2 weeks. But within these 14 days we met absolutely amazing people and visited beautiful places. And thanks to all these experiences are our feelings about Canada more than positive and we hope to be able to visit Canada once again in the future, either during our […]

Our feelings about Mexico - nice country and people

We enjoyed our stay in Mexico as much as possible as we stayed here 25 whole beautiful days. We bring you another overview. And we believe you are gonna like our feelings about Mexico. We had many opportunities to stay there with locals and therefore we have absolutely extraordinary experiences we want to share with […]

Our feelings about Peru - country full of beautiful places

We traveled Peru within 20 days in total. We visited beautiful, mysterious and interesting places. And we also had the opportunity to meet many people. Thanks to travelling Peru we gained many experiences and now we would like to share our feelings about Peru with you. Infrastructure and transportation Peruvian roads are nice and most […]

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