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Our feelings about Mexico - nice country and people

We enjoyed our stay in Mexico as much as possible as we stayed here 25 whole beautiful days. We bring you another overview. And we believe you are gonna like our feelings about Mexico. We had many opportunities to stay there with locals and therefore we have absolutely extraordinary experiences we want to share with you.

Infrastructure and transportation

  • Infrastructure and transportationWe were surprised in a nice way. Mexico was a shock but only in a good way.
  • There were mostly newer cars (in cities) and in really fair conditions.
  • Roads were in super conditions. And connections between cities worked perfectly.
  • Their transportation system is very well prepared and organized.
  • We hitchhiked in Mexico even though many people would think we are crazy. We also took colectivos many times. Everything worked well, was safe and cheap. 😉


  • SafetyMexico is really safe. We never felt in danger.
  • Cops are almost everywhere and they look really roughly so there was nothing to worry about.
  • We even used the subway in Mexico City. Then we met some Czechs at Teotihuacan who were surprised because they found it too dangerous. Well the truth is that after then we realized we were the only gringos (white people) there. But it was still ok.


  • People in MexicoMexicans are super and friendly!
  • We had the opportunity to stay with several locals and we unbelievably enjoyed time spent with them.
  • They are people who know how to enjoy life and are happy to have people to take care of. It was absolutely amazing going with them on local markets and experience things and moments that casual tourist never can because simply has no clue about them. Or just staying at home and prepare home-made guacamole and tacos. Oh yes!
  • Even people on the street were always nice and helpful. Of course they sometimes tried to ask for prices they would never give to locals but still were very open to negotiating and this is what we liked. 😉
  • The American influence is really obvious and how they try to be like Americans. Not everyone confesses but our Couchsurfers told us that Mexicans hate America on one hand but on the other hand it is a dream of almost every Mexican to go to the US. And in its own way we think it is good for them because everything was so normal and functional and it is nice when you are there.

Food and drinks

  • Food in MexicoPavel thinks everything here is too spicy. Martina has a different opinion. 😉 But over all the best thing to do is eating outside in food stalls. Just choose the one where gather many people and you cannot make a mistake.
  • The only thing we were sorry about was the guacamole – you do not get the home-made one outside, therefore we had to make it on our own.
  • But tortillas and meat are everywhere. And also fresh juices.
  • The best food we found in Puebla. We tasted delicious meat-cheese-vegetable mix with tortillas and had perfect tacos and then we tried the specialty called Torta – so gorgeous, eat it once you are in Puebla 😉
  • The food in Mexico is sold for reasonable prices, we found the prices quite cheap and also cooked sometimes on our own.
  • At the sea-side we bought sea food, it is fresh and for really good price.
  • They also produce alcohol called Mezcal, which is in Europe often misunderstood as Tequila. In Mezcal usually swim worm or other animal not in Tequila. Original Mezcal from Oaxaca was great 😉


  • Enviroment in MexicoPrices in Mexico are comparable to prices in Central Europe (like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and also Hungary).
  • When we went to the supermarket the purchase was basically for the same price like in locations above.
  • In restaurants it was similar.
  • On the markets it is different as one needs to haggle so the prices are really individual.
  • But in general we were satisfied with the prices we paid for the services.
  • Accommodation in Mexico was really cheap and for the money really nice.
  • Central Mexico is cheaper than Yucatán and Riviera Maya in general.
  • It is also obvious on the admission fees at archeological sites and other attractions in Mexico.


  • The country was clean. Of course we sometimes found or saw dump sites but comparing to South America Mexico is better in this.
  • We really recommend you to visit Mexico. It is a beautiful country full of history that you cannot find also in other parts of the Americas but not so huge and for more money!
  • And they have lovely beaches 😉

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