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Riviera Maya - caribbean beaches

Riviera Maya is one of the most visited places in Mexico. It is place where the Caribbean basically begins. And we could say it is a paradise on Earth. There are many touristy spots and also less known places worth visiting. Riviera Maya is a perfect choice for spending your vacation in Mexico. We spent here a couple of days and must admit that we truly enjoyed the Caribbean. And we will for sure come back one day.

Playa del Carmen – a place where even Mexicans spend their holiday

Playa del CarmenWe were recommended to spend our holiday in Mexico in this summer resort by many people. We obeyed them and did not regret. Playa del Carmen is touristy place but if you find a private accommodation for example on Airbnb.com or another website you will be still close to the beach but far from big hotels and hustle and bustle. If you want to have fun like locals go to Playacar Beach. It is not only beautiful but you can also find your peace of mind in here and relax. But do not lounge there all the time and go for a trip, for instance to Akumal like us. You will approximately need 2-3 days for these trips.

Akumal – snorkeling with turtles

Akumal beachAkumal is a small cozy place with a very unique beach. Sea turtles live there and very close to the shore so everyone can come and snorkel with them for free. Don’t have your equipment? Never mind, go to Walmart in Playa del Carmen and buy the goggles and snorkel, even vintage and much cheaper than in your country. And you can go! Ask locals where to find colectivo to Akumal. The price for one one is 40 MXN (cca 2,60 USD). Tell the drived you want to see Tortugas (turtles) and he will know where to stop. From the stop it is only 10 minute walk to the beach.  Go there early and you will be there alone and it’s amazing. We went there twice, always arrived on the spot around 7 am and there was no-one. Later will arrive buses full of tourists and it is time for you to go explore the cenote.

Cenote Azul & Cenote Casa

The way how to get to any cenote is again colectivo. You only need to get back on the road and hitchhike for us and tell the driver where you want to go. Prices are fixed so if you do not like what they are asking for, they can show you the pricelist. Everything is pretty cheap, from about 20-40 MXN one way per person.

What are the cenotes and how were they created

Cenotes are caves that were created after the meteorite fall at Yucatan. The meteorite was probably responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs. After the meteorite fall small fragments dispersed to surroundings and created hollows we today call cenotes.

Cenote Azul – skvělé koupání pro dospělé i děti

Cenote AzulBefore entering cenote Azul you need to pay the entrance fee 70 MXN (cca 4,55 USD). To get to the water walk a beautiful path, everything there looks so different comparing to the seaside. On to the way to the major cenote we came across smaller and very beautiful ponds (pools) where you can also bath. And then suddenly we spotted cenote Azul in its all beauty. It is so gorgeous to snorkel here, explore fish and big rocks under the crystal clear water. And one can even relax there. There are these small fish called Garra Rufa. So do not spend time making your pedicure before coming here, fish will do all the work for you. 😉

Cenote Casa – paradise for scuba-divers

Cenote CasaColectivo drops you at the main road and from here you need to walk cca 2 km. If you are too lazy to walk, hitchhike! Do not be afraid. People in Mexico are really friendly and this area is inhabited mostly by foreigners or millionaires. We hitchhiked there and were lucky almost immediately. American woman saved us time and was very nice. Once you come to this cenote you need to pay admission again, here it cost us 50 MXN (cca 3,25 USD) per person. This place is usually not overcrowded and if you like scuba-diving or want to try it you will be delighted. Cenote Casa is very unique as it is fresh water that is connected to the sea and is divided only by a cave. If you want to get from the cenote to the sea, you need to dive and swim through the cave. We were not diving but at least were swimming and snorkeling there. If you want to make your diving course this place is an option for you to consider. 😉 And if you are here do not forget to go on the beach across the road. There is a beautiful pier so take your Caribbean holiday picture there! Connect pleasant with useful and set out to Tulum to observe Mayan Ruins and enjoy unforgettable experience.

Cancún – never ending white beach and azure sea

Cancun cityCancun was our last stop in Mexico. We stayed with locals and made home-made guacamole and tacos for dinner, had couple of beers and enjoyed wonderful chat. The other day we went to the so recommended beach Playa Delfines, where we stayed almost alone and then took a long walk along the beach in direction to downtown with stopovers for bathing in the sea. It is a really long beach with many possibilities to make you busy for the entire day. Cancún is amazing place but do not search here for calmness. Here it is one big party!

Our time at the Riviera Maya was unfortunately limited but there were places in our viewfinder like Xcaret (theme park), Xel-Ha (nature aquarium), Sian Ka’an (biosphere reservation) or islands Cozumel or Isla Mujeres. If you are going to spend your vacation at Riviera Maya for sure check out these places. And for sure do not miss Mexican pyramids.

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