Mexican pyramids

Mexican Pyramids - interesting ruins

Mexican pyramids are maybe not the most known in the world but they definitely belong to one of the most important and interesting sites in the world. And of course we couldn’t miss them. During the time we spent in Mexico we have visited many archeological sites and Mesoamerican pyramids and Mayan Ruins were among them.


Pyramid of moonlocation: 45 km from Mexico City

how to get there: by bus from Mexico City Terminal del Norte /

total price per person: 64 MXN (cca 4 USD) admission fee + 88 MXN (cca 6 USD) return bus ticket

Teotihuacan is the most visited archeological site in Mexico and is one of the most important sites in the world. There are several reasons to visit this spectacular place. In the past Teotihuacan used to be the largest and the most populated center in the world. Archeologists still do not know who actually established Teotihuacan therefore original inhabitants are known as Teotihuacano. Teotihuacan was an important religious center where people gathered together. It is a large complex of monumental buildings built in the valley and it is 5 km long and about 3 km wide. Original inhabitants left Teotihuacan without notice about 600 A.D. Up to now main stream archeologists and historians are not able to explain what happened. About 700 years later Teotihuacan was discovered by Aztecs who settled here. They were so mesmerized by this place that they thought and believed it was a place where Gods were born. This is also how the name Teotihuacan was created from the Aztec word Nahuatl. Aztecs also believed that the Gods created the Universe at that site. Therefore they decided to name the front and main journey as The Avenue of the Dead and the two largest pyramids they called the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. These two belong to the most fascinating places of the entire complex. But do not miss the Temple of Quetzalcoalt, it is very beautiful!

The Great Pyramid of Cholula

Church in Cholulalocation: in San Andres Cholula only 15 km from Puebla

how to get there: Find colectivo station nearby Mercado de Sabores Poblanos, it takes you directly to Cholula (tell to the driver you need to go to the pyramid) center, close to Zocalo, from here walk. Ask where to find colectivo for the way back to Puebla, it is easy.

total price per person: 30 MXN (2 USD) return ticket, 52 MXN (cca 3.50 USD) admission fee

Never heard of Cholula? Don’t worry you are not the only one but now you will be surprised because Cholula is the largest pyramid known to exist in the world. Its final form measures 400×400 metres and stands 55 metres above the surrounding plain. But it is also very deep in its catacombs that you can explore on your own by the way. We think it is now the only pyramid you can explore that way in Mexico. Cholula was discovered to be a pyramid many years after other excavations of the pyramids in the world. Why? If you look into our photogallery you will see that it is a grassy hill with a church on the top. This is an evidence that for centuries people had no clue there is a pyramid in Cholula. The first notice about the archeological site there comes from the late 19 century. First explorations of this place became in the 30s of 20th century. Some decades later it was open to public. It is amazing to go there especially if you look deeper on the hill and imagine how huge the original pyramid really is. And if you are lucky with weather conditions you can observe the volcano Popocatepetl from the the top of the pyramid. If you take colectivo back to Puebla, tell the driver to stop at Mercado de Sabores Poblanos and eat Pueblan specialty called Torta – you are gonna love it!

Monte Albán

Monte Albanlocation: 8 km from Zocalo in Oaxaca

how to get there: You can take taxi if you are more people otherwise it is overpriced. Or take a shuttle to Monte Alban from Zocalo in front of the cathedral or other places

total price per person: cca 70 MXN (cca 4.5 USD) shuttle, 64 MXN (cca 4.20 USD) admission fee

Even thought the first settlers were Olmecs, Monte Alban is the greatest and probably the best-preserved Zapotec city we know. Zapotecs also built the pyramids on this hill. Monte Alban could be translated as the Jaguar Hill. Jaguar as wild cat used to be sacred for Mesoamerican tribes. Comparing with other Mexican pyramids it is a nice place to visit because it is not so overcrowded. In this pyramid complex you can find large stone monoliths and also many paintings. Some of them look alike ones that may be found in Teotihuacan. But we would not really compare this site to the others. It is extraordinary, built in a different way and very beautiful. If you love observing the pyramids, this complex will give you breathtaking view you will never forget just like us.

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