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Help people in need - even little can be a lot

Help people in needSince we have had this idea to travel around the world we were thinking about how this project could also help in a different way. We do not want to only publish vacation pictures like the others travelling the world but we would like to help someone. As we plan to visit about 25 countries we feel this is a unique opportunity. In order to make it real we need your support. Therefore we created a crowdfunding campaign. Link to our crowdfunding campaign where you were able to participate: . You can see the result of the campaign and other way of support in bottom of the page.

 We have a super idea – to help!

Help people in needYoung people think outside the box, push boundaries and experiment with the new. We want to be part of this change and show people that adventure is waiting for them and they can live to travel AND help people in need. This is where we started to envision Our Trip Around the World and all the possible benefits we could bring to people.

There are millions of children and people in need all around the world. Everyday something bad happens to the new ones and there is not always help for them. Of course there are many humanitarian organizations like UNICEF, Human in need, Amnesty International or Doctors without borders but these organizations cannot be everywhere and unfortunately are not able to help everyone who needs and calls for it. There is no one in this world to redeem them all, not even us. But, we can at least try to help some of these people during our round the world trip.

Help people in needWhom we are going to help and how!

We mainly want to focus on small children or families living in poverty and finding their shelters in orphanages. Why we chose them? These people need help and normally do not get a chance to receive anything from humanitarian organizations.


How we want to donate

First of all we want to point out on people’s situation by going to these shelters and write their stories. We believe that writing about them will force people think more about this problematic.

All the money we gain thanks to this crowdfunding campaign will be donated as follows:

1/3 of the collected money will be sent directly to UNICEF after the campaign ends. The proof of this act will be shown on our website with a confirmation from our bank account statement.

The rest of the collected money will be then used during our travels. We decided not to give them money because there is a Help people in needsuspect that they might never get them. It is not we wouldn’t really trust to orphanages or local organizations trying
to help these people. But we do not know these organizations therefore we would rather provide them with material help such as blankets, pencils, notepads, food or anything they say might be of help for them. Our idea is to get to the place, talk to a representative, ask what they need, go and get it for them.

Each gift will be described and mentioned in our posts!

How you can help

For us to bring our trip to life, we need your support!

Your generous funding will help us get things started in order to realize our initiatives. It will assist us with the cost of further planning and creation. More importantly you get the chance to SAVE A CHILDS, THEIR FAMILY or HUMAN’s LIFE!

Help people in needEveryone needs pledging but above all people need your attention and interest! If you fancy and like our idea as much as we do, then help us spread the word on social networks and get things started!

Help us establish a program to serve people in need. Finding out our passions for change through travel with ease will be life changing. Empower us to make this vision a reality with a donation to this project today! Every little helps. As little as $5 gets us on our way and can change children’s and humans life.

We feel so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read this and for those who contributed what they could to make a difference. Please know your efforts, even the smallest. Don’t go unnoticed! We will continue to keep you posted on what your donation helped us achieve. You are a part of our family. Help us make people out there happier.

If there is a reason for you not to support or donate this campaign we will be happy if you at least share it with others. We are already travelling and are not able to spread the word and take care of the campaign that much.

Results of campaign

We make things transparent. If you like to know more details we will be happy to provide you. We also made a deal and decided to donate something more on our own!

Helping people in need within round the world trip - contribution results

Proof of sending money to UNICEF

Proof that we sent money to UNICEF already. We sent more and to Vietnam becasue of better USD exchange rate. So they can have even more. 😉

UNICEF - sent money

Can you still send money for people in need? YES you can!

You can still help us with your donation! You can send money directly on our bank account (less fees):


IBAN: CZ43 3030 0000 0010 1386 3010

Please include variable symbol 123 so the payments can be transparent.

Thank you for taking care of people who need it!



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  • Jillrose

    от I just want to say I’m newbie to blgonigg and site-building and absolutely savored you’re website. Very likely I’m going to bookmark your blog . You definitely come with amazing posts. Thanks a lot for revealing your blog.

    20/03/2015 at 12:40
    • Pavel

      Hi Jill Rose,
      thank you for comment. We are happy that you like our site. Hopefully we will be also lucky to get some money for those who needs them through this post. Any help like spreading word about this effort through facebook, etc. will be very appreciated and helpful.
      Kind regards
      Pavel and Martina

      20/03/2015 at 13:35
  • helena

    Preji hodne stesti na cestach !!!!

    16/06/2015 at 03:57
    • Pavel

      Děkujeme moc za podporu, vážíme si toho!
      Přejeme vám krásný den.
      S pozdravem
      Pavel a Martina

      16/06/2015 at 04:49

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