Looking for fellow-travellers

Looking for fellow-travellers - you can be part of our trip

Thank you all who travelled with us, it was great experience!

We are no longer looking for travellers, but still you can read our advert:

This way we would like to address travelers and adventurers who plan to go on holiday to destinations described below. We got the idea to connect pleasant with useful and meet another amazing people within our trip around the world. Therefore we have decided to look for fellow-travellers on the part of our trip when we want to rent a car and set out for a road trip. Why? It can save money to us and you, together we can experience something absolutely incredible and you can become a part of our trip for a while. And of course fun is not gonna be missing! ¬†ūüôā

What we offer

  • We have evincible knowledge ūüôā¬†in planning,
  • we can recommend you websites for cheap air-tickets,
  • we can share with you some of our travel gear (cooker, utensils, water filter, alcohol bottle ūüôā ),
  • we can also share with you interesting stories and create new ones together,
  • exploring and getting to know new places, either commercial or noncommercial,
  • you will become a part of our website and social network presentation,
  • and of course we are gonna have so much fun together.¬†ūüôā

What we expect from you

  • We are looking for 1-2 travellers who are not afraid of tramping ‚Äď walking, camping, cooking outside, etc.,
  • persistence to travel long hours in the car,
  • easygoing personality, team player with willingness to help when necessary,
  • you should be rather interested in museums, nature and historical places than clubs and discos,
  • requirement is your willingness to share mutual expenses equally (car, toll, gas, entrances, etc..),
  • we expect you do not mind traveling low-cost (does not mean eating dry bread and hitchhike ūüôā ),
  • flexibility and comprehension for changes in the travel plan (for example because of time schedule, money or weather conditions).

What we would welcome

If we DON’T KNOW YOU PERSONALLY we would be happy if you could provide us with your references from Couchsurfing (=CS), Airbnb, Booking.com or any other similar website. Why we want this? Well it gives us a confidence that you are responsible and travellers we are looking for. If you are not at any of these websites but have a blog or a website it is okay too of course. We have also many references on CS we can show you. We take this step as a protection of trustworthiness for both sides.

But do not get sad in case you do not meet the requirements above. You can still contact us and all that matters is our personal speech (Skype). Skype call is a must for everyone who decideds to contact us. You can see us, we can see you and we can discuss details of our common travelling!¬†ūüôā

Where to travel with us

South Africa: Safari, Mountains, Beaches

Lion in Kruger National ParkPavel did this trip around 7 years ago (photos here and around were taken by him) so he knows that african safari is great and he knows what to expect so he can answer any question. The trip will begin on 27.5. till 10.6.2016. In this time it is not hot so it is ideal time for watching animals because they are less in shadows and more in front of cameras ūüėČ

Approximate travel plan (not neccessary in this order – itinerary can be changed anytime based on agreement in advance) :

  • 27.5.2016 Friday – we will pick¬†you up at the¬†airport in¬†Johannesburg¬†and drive to¬†Kruger National Park
  • Sodwana Bay28.5. Saturday – 1.6. 2016 Wednesday – Safari¬†at¬†Kruger National Park¬†– watching animals (Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, Giraffes, Hippos, Zebras, Crocodiles, Monkeys,…) from very close distance – one of the most unique and memorable¬†experience¬†ūüėČ
  • 2.6.2016 Thursday¬† – we will leave the park and go to¬†Sodwana Bay
  • 3.6. Friday – 4.6.2016 Saturday – sunbathing and swimming on beautiful beach (it is possible to do diving/snorkelling at corals!)
  • 5.6. 2016 Sunday – we will leave the beach and head in direction to¬†St. Lucia
  • 6.6.2016 Monday – visit of large¬†group of Hippos at one place¬†in¬†St. Lucia¬†(this point¬†can be merged with Kruger National Park after agreement so we can have more time for animal watching in park where are also hippos¬†ūüėČ )
  • 7.6.2016 Tuesday – move to Golden Gate¬†Highlands National Park
  • St. Lucia Hippos8.6. 2016 Wednesday – drive and walk in Highlands¬†in¬†Golden Gate¬†Highlands National Park¬†with similar views as are in New Zealand.
  • 9.6. 2016 Thursday – drive in direction to¬†Johannesburg
  • 10.6. 2016 Friday – if there will be time, we can go to the city otherwise we will drop you on airport and return car.

General information:

  • We want to go in 4 people maximum because of luggage.
  • We would rent larger car based on number of passengers. For 3 persons some sedan for 4 persons something bigger.
  • Approsimate length of trip might be over 2000 km based on https://goo.gl/5Ej2tt, but we should count rather more because of drives to campsites¬†etc., so around 2500 – 3000 km.
  • Costs for this trip will be significantly lower in comparison with any travel agency prices for similar trip! In other words¬†you cannot see safari in Africa for better money ūüėČ
  • Highlands National ParkApproximate price drilldown so you have basic picture (details can be discussed with interested persons):
    • Costs per person if we go in 3 pax¬†= Airplane ticket (based on where you fly from)¬†+ Transportation¬†cca 210¬†USD + Accommodation cca 160 USD + Food cca 160 USD
  • Costs per person if we travel in 4 persons will be logically even lower, especially Transportation.
  • Sleeping will be in campsites (neccessary because of security reasons). We will sleep in our tent, you can do it as well if you bring your own equipment or you can sleep in ¬†the car ūüėČ Of course you can pay something more for cabins, but then you have to count more for accommodation.
  • We are not travel agency we are travellers. All costs for car rental, petrol, tolls, group entrance ticktets, etc. will be counted equally¬†per person.

If you are interested in fellow-travelling please contact us through contact form.


USA: Route 66 & American Parks – 21 day roadtripRoute 66

The trips starts in Las Vegas where we plan to land on 26.6. therefore it is possible to meet in person on 27.6.2015.

Approximate travel plan:

  • 29.6.2015 Monday: rent a car in¬†Las Vegas and departure to¬†Grand Canyon¬†with overnight stay
  • 30.6.2015 Tuesday: early morning trek in Grand Canyon
  • 1.7.2015 Wednesday: departure from¬†Grand Canyon to¬†Four Corners Monument¬†with overnight stay
  • Grand canyon2.7.2015 Thursday: departure from¬†Four Corners Monument to¬†Albuquerque and visit of Breaking Bad TV series spots¬†with overnight stay
  • 3.7.2015 Friday: departure from¬†Albuquerque¬†along the¬†Route 66¬†to¬†Kaibab National Forest
  • 4.7.2015 Saturday: short trek in¬†Kaibab National Forest¬†and departure along the¬†Route 66¬†to¬†Mojave National Preserve
  • 5.7.2015 Sunday: short trek in¬†Mojave National Preserve¬†and departure partially along the¬†Route 66¬†to¬†Sequoia National¬†Park
  • 6.7.2015 Monday: relax day¬†before trek ūüėČ
  • 7.7. Tuesday till 9.7.2015 Thursday: multiday trek in¬†Sequoia National¬†Park
  • 10.7.2015 Friday: departure from¬†Sequoia National Park to¬†Yosemite¬†National¬†Park
  • 11.7.2015 Saturday:¬†relax day¬†after and before trek ūüėČ
  • 12.7. Sunday till 15.7.2015 Wednesday: multiday trek in¬†Yosemite¬†National¬†ParkSequioia National Park
  • 16.7.2015 Thursday: departure from¬†Yosemite¬†National¬†Park¬†to¬†Big Pine¬†with overnight stay
  • 17.7.2015 Friday: departure from¬†Big Pine¬†to¬†Death Valley National Park, short trek with overnight stay
  • 18.7.2015 Saturday: departure from¬†Death Valley National Park¬†to¬†Red Rock Canyon, short trek and departure to Las Vegas
  • 19.7.2015 Sunday: car return in¬†Las Vegas

General information:

  • Car rental and return will be in Las Vegas,
  • Yosemite National Parkpart of the travel plan is 1 day backup plan for any cases possible ūüėČ
  • trip length is going to be approximately 2275 mi (3661 km) – https://goo.gl/maps/Mb4BC,
  • expenses for car rental: will be introduced, we‚Äôre negotiating the price,
  • we plan to primarily sleep in the campgrounds or wild nature (we have a tent for two), very occassionaly in motels, stronger people may sleep in the car ;-),
  • expenses (costs) for car rental, gas, park entrance fees (gonna buy National Park Pass for cca 85 USD), toll and trips will be calculated equally on each person.

MiamiUSA: Florida ‚Äď 2 week road trip

We will fly to Florida from Mexico on 5.5.2015 so basically we can meet each other in person on 6.5.2015.

Approximate travel plan:

  • 9.5.2015 Saturday: rent a car in Miami and departure for Key West
  • 9.5. Saturday ‚Äď 11.5.2015 Monday: trips along the Key West and heading back towards the Everglades
  • 11.5. Monday ‚Äď 14.5.2015 Thursday: Everglades National Park
  • 15.5.2015 Friday: route from the¬†Everglades to Tampa or its surroundings
  • 16.5.2015 Saturday: Adventure Island Tampa (aquapark)
  • 17.5.2015 Sunday: lay off day at Tamba Bay and surroundings (swimming in the sea or sightseeing in the city) + transfer closer to Orlando
  • 18.5.2015 Monday: Disney Land in¬†Orlando
  • 19.5.2015 Tuesday: lay off day at the eastern shore of Florida close to Cape Canaveral
  • 20.5. ‚Äď 21.5.2015 Wednesday – Thursday: tour at the Kennedy Space Center + transfer along the coast, closer to Miami
  • 22.5.2015 Friday: relaxing on Florida beaches, taking a rest
  • 23.5.2015 Saturday: arrival to Miami and returning the car

CanaveralGeneral information:

  • Renting and returning a car in Miami,
  • trip length is going to be approximately 963 mi (1550 km) – https://goo.gl/maps/z8i50,
  • expenses for car rental: will be introduced, we‚Äôre negotiating the price,
  • we plan to reserve accommodation primarily on CS or Airbnb or other websites, if you are not on CS or Airbnb it can happen you will have to provide it on your own (we can always help you and advise you where to find the cheapest options),
  • expenses (costs) for car rental, gas, toll and trips will be calculated equally on each person.



Key WestEntrence fees, we know about, per person:

  • Everglades: 10 USD for car, 43 USD Mangrove boat trip, 3×16 USD camping
  • Adventure Island Tampa 44 USD
  • Disney Land Orlando 112 USD
  • Kennedy Space Center Multiday ticket 75 USD

Price for entrance fees are only orienting and may change depending on the group size.

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