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Martina's fatherWhy we need help

Martina’s father died a few days ago and she would like to say him goodbye at his funeral. The reason why we are asking you for help is because we have to buy the onward ticket from New Zealand so Martina can again join Pavel and continue traveling together. Air tickets are very expensive at the moment and it is an expense we did not count with and which is going to collapse already tight budget.


Who you actually support

At the beginning of our trip we were only two enthusiasts. But if you have been following us either here or on Facebook then you know we have changed. We have been travelling for almost a year and each of us has walked almost 3000 km and about 4 000 000 steps. We wrote more than 70 interesting travel posts for you, made tens of videos, shot ten thousands of photos and mainly we collected and described hundreds of travelling tips and advices you cannot find anywhere else! And currently we are the only Czech expedition around the world actively helping people in need either in the Czech Republic or in the world. And and of course you did not miss that we are accompanied by Little Mole, symbol  of the Czech Republic and home, that deserves to get further than only “Space”. And same applies for his friend Mr. Mouse who had been exploring the world with us long ago before we set out on this trip. You have to admit it would be a real shame to put such a project at risk.

How to support us

You may help us by transferring the money. You may transfer them anytime, fund raising campaign is not time limited. There are two ways how to support us:

  1. PayPal – best for transferring money from abroad in foreign currency:

All you need is basic bank account that is free of charge! Use Send money  tool and as target email you our email address

  1. Bank account transfer:

CZK bank account at AirBank Czech Republic: 1013863010/3030

Holder name: Pavel Zrzavý


IBAN: CZ43 3030 0000 0010 1386 3010

What you get in return for your support

Little Mole and Mr. MouseWe appreaciate your support so we were thinking what to offer in return. Thanks to our friends we got an idea. For every donation over 40 USD (so we do not get into minus by the time) we will send you a postcard from every upcoming country we travel! You are going to have an original memory, postcard from the trip around the world and anytime you will look at it you will know that you have helped to someone who helps the others. Please send us your address through the contact form and mention your bank account number you sent us money from or provide us PayPal account name (email) so we can match everything.

Thank you for your support, we appreaciate it!

Us at Titicaca lake

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