1000000 steps

We have reached 1 000 000 steps! - experiment is going well

You may have noticed we measure and count steps and kilometers we walk within our trip around the world! As we know we are the first and the only expedition doing this in the world! Pavel has reached as first the magical level of 1 000 000 steps! Martina is right behind 😉 

What are the numbers


  • in 70 days
  • reached 1 016 300 steps
  • and reached distance of 736,8 km
  • average number of steps per day is 14 518
  • average distance per day is 10,52 km
  • the most efficient day was 3.3. the first day in Torres del Paine with 34 185  steps and 24,78 km! 🙂


  • in 70 days
  • reached 956 094 steps
  • and reached distance of 736,2 km
  • average number of steps per day is 13 658
  • average distance per day is 10,51 km
  • the most efficient day was with 33 446  steps and 24,78 km! 🙂

Based on measurements Martina has got larger steps. Yes it is weird but it is true 😉

How we measure steps

A lot of people are asking how we measure steps and publish them on web. We measure steps with pedometer. In order to ensure the most accurate results we invested to expensive but very quality pedometers. Thanks to Pavel’s art of solving technical problems we are able to fully automatize the whole process of publishing steps on web! Thanks to it the thinking of some people that we are doing everything manually is false!

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1000000 steps by Pavel

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