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Our feelings about Thailand - touristy gem in Southeast Asia

We spent 35 days in Thailand. We had fun at the beaches, enjoyed delicious Thai food, met many interesting people and explored vast historical places. Now we would like to share with you our feelings about Thailand.

Infrastructure and transportation

  • Long-tail boats Phi Phi Islands ThailandWhen we arrived to Thailand we were fascinated when observing streets, transportation and everything out of the minivan window. After travelling Vietnam and Cambodia it was a big shock. Thailand is very developed country in the Southeast Asia and not really that different from Europe. Transportations works well, road conditions seemed to be better than back home at some cases. And one can get anywhere there really fast.
  • We experienced public transport, ferry, train, bus, minivan and motorbike transports in Thailand and with all these we were very happy.
  • Typical roads in Thailand have large and steep ascents and descending so in case you want to ride motorbike there we truly recommend you to rent at least 125ccm.


  • We never felt in danger while travelling Thailand, it is actually very safe. Nobody ever tried to steal anything from us. Thai people do their best to be good, probably also thanks to very strict laws in the country.


  • Thai peopleThai people are very interesting. Compared to other Asians they are crazy about friend food and it is also one of the reasons why they are, like us in Europe, becoming obese and suffer from other diseases connected with unhealthy lifestyle. Still they are very happy and polite people but as other Asians they will rip you off if you do not haggle. 🙂
  • Thai people can speak really good English and therefore can help you if necessary.
  • Thailand’s phenomenom are Lady boys, guys who dress, wear make-up and behave like girls. If you see really beautiful woman, it is pretty much likely Lady Boy.

Food and drinks

  • Papaya saladFoor in Thailand is often friend. And if it is not fried then fresh but in most cases extremely hot. We loved buying fruits at the local markets and experimented with food. Pavel truly enjoyed friend meat covered in breadcrumbs, basically like schnitzel. Martina fell in love with papaya salad.
  • For the dessert we sometimes had pancakes. Warning – these pancakes are different, it is fried dough, fried on oil and margarine with nutella. They are not baked like in Europe.
  • And again we enjoyed coffee. They always prepared it into large buckets, filled with ice cubes and canned milk. And of course we drank beer in Thailand. 😉


  • The best advice for all travellers is – go to Thailand in the off season because prices are very low. In comparison with other destinations in the Southeast Asia Thailand is more expesive country. In the main season vacation in Thailand may be super expensive, especially in all famous resorts.
  • Thai people have better life standard and therefore the prices are adapted to it. Of course you can get everything here much cheaper than in Europe or western countries but this all we explained in our articles from Thailand.


  • Deserted Beach at Koh Lanta ThailandThailand has so much to offer. Country is full of beautiful green but also breathtaking viewpoints at the sea and sandy beaches.
  • But what Thailand is missing is the right nature protection because thanks to Thai greed there is nothing to offer with corals for example, they killed them all.
  • Also recycling could help a lot but they are for sure on the right way to improve everything.

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