Koh Lanta Beach

Koh Lanta - the island of nature&deserted beaches

Koh Lanta deserted beachTraveling in Thailand was a blast! That is why we extended our visa and decided to make our holiday in Thailand longer than originally planned. From famous Krabi we journeyed to explore the island of Koh Lanta.

Trip to Koh Lanta and accommodation

Getting to Koh Lanta was quite easy. From Krabi we took the minivan for 300 THB/person (cca 8.35 USD).  The drive was as always interesting and wild but it is a standard in Southeast Asia. We accommodated in the bungalow nearby the beach. The nice cost us 300 THB (cca 8.35 USD) a it was one of the least comfortable accommodation in Thailand. But we did not care as we used it only for sleeping over night and during the day we took trips. After our arrivel we went for 5 km walk on the island. We found out places to eat and also met several locals. The other day we rented out a scooter. Koh Lanta food marketWe bargained it for a good price of 150 THB/day (cca 4.20 USD). But the guy required our passports so we gave him just a photocopy of our IDs and invalid debit card – it worked and he was happy! And we could go on the trip.

Things to do in Koh Lanta

The first plan was to visit Mu Ko Lanta National Park in the south of the island but the entrance fee was really overpriced for Thailand so we decided to visit and explore other places. We found many deserted beautiful beaches where we were lucky to be alone. We snorkeled a lot but unfortunately did not encounter anything interesting in the sea. But it was fun still. Koh Lanta is really marvelous forested green island. Besides natural beauties there are also interesting places to visit. One of them is definitely Lanta Town Mangroves on Koh Lantawhere many occassions are held and it is great place where to buy souvenirs. This city defines all known in Thailand. And at the very south east coast of the island is located Gypsy Village. We had to go there and it was really interesting to observe locals and their calm life. And who loves authentic food should definitely visit local markets. Everyday at the different place, ask the reception desk in your accomodation where to go.

For the mangroves on a kayak

At the end we wanted to have some fun so we hired a kayak and floated between the mangroves in the north of the island. We haggled a terrific price 300 THB/3 hous (cca 8.35 USD). It was super cool!  We splashed our feet in the water and watched wild macaques playing in the mangroves. It was time to say goodbye to Koh Lanta and move forward Phi Phi Islands.

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