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Las Vegas - city of indulgence, sin and gambling

We couldn’t miss Las Vegas. Why? It is one of the coolest places in the USA, the city of sins and hazard. And because getting to Vegas is super cheap in general from any place in States it was the best option for us in order to go for another adventure within our trip around the world.

Luxor in Las VegasFremont Street – the magic of Vegas

Our first steps in Las Vegas lead to Fremont Street. It is a street full of casinos, attractions, food, drinks and entertainment. There we discovered the casino with old school coin machines and had to try our fortune. Of course we won several games, this is how it goes but we did not stop at the right time so we logically lost everything. But this is how it is in Las Vegas. There many documentaries about it. On famous Fremont Street you can also divinely pig out, yes pig out because eat would not really express the experience we brought from the Heart Attack Grill restaurant.  What do they cook? Everything extra unhealthy, fried on lard with bacon and with as many calories as possible.  And who does not finish his food gets spanked by one of the nurses working here. 🙂  But there are also other attractions on Fremont Street. You can take a picture with 1 million dollar or shoot yourself with one of almost naked ladies or gents. Who is not satisfied at Fremont Street needs to go on Strip.

Strip in Las Vegas – place of entertainment and vice

New York Las VegasThere is no space in the world full of casinos and building imitations like on Strip in Las Vegas. It is a place where you can find anything you have been longing to do and try on your holiday. From the circus to Venice, Paris, New York, Pyramids of Egypt and all of this with super spectacular shows with the most famous people.  Do you like magic? Go on David Copperfield show. Do you like Mariah Carrey? See her live in Vegas! And if you fancy great food definitely go to one of the hotels for their All you can eat buffet. You won’t regret!

Accommodation in Las Vegas

Finding accommodation is Vegas is more than easy. It only depends on your budget. The worst idea is coming to Vegas for the weekend. If you can, avoid that. From Friday till Sunday accommodation prices higher up to pretty overpriced ones. During the week everything gets back to normal and is pretty acceptable. If you are able to spend more money make sure you stay in hotel on the Strip.  You can purchase some hot deal package airticket + Eiffel Tower in Las Vegasaccommodation at Orbitz or Priceline for example or any other website. And if you are on the budget like us, try Airbnb. We decided to stay at Hugo in Vegas via Airbnb and can recommend it! But during the week you can also get super deals in cheap motels very close to the Strip where we stayed for the second time in Vegas. We chose Howard Johnson motel only 5 minute walk on the Strip. 😉

Transportation in Las Vegas

Transportation in Vegas sucks! Why? Well there are buses operating but everything takes nonsense of time. Maybe it is a lobby of local overpriced taxi companies so people use them more.  Even finding a bus stop station at the airport requires endeavour but they are there. The only problem is that signs are not visible enough. Unfortunately. Bus ticket from the airport to the Strip costs 8 USD/person for 24 hours. Once you are at any other place in Vegas you can buy the same ticket for only 5 USD/person a day and you can still go on Strip or to the airport. Very interesting pricing policy, but one cannot do anything. Uber does not exist here thanks to the cab lobby we refused to support so we had to use public transportation in Las Vegas.

Tips and tricks for gamblers and visitors

In general it is supposedly better to play in smaller casinos out of Strip or Fremont. Why? They pay off more often in order to keep people inside and attract the othersIn Vegas you can smoke and drink in the casinos. Drinks are for free in casinos because they know that when you drink you lose restrains after some time thanks to alcohol and are Pavel playing coin machines in Vegaswilling to risk more. You can also drink in public without paper bags but only at Fremont or Strip, out of these two it is against the law.

Can I really win?

Yes you can but it is not easy and of course casinos try to minimize number of winners.

Where can I win the most?

The highest chance of winning is in Blackjack if you can watch used cards in the way that no one recognizes that. But it is very difficult if you consider how many cameras are on you during the game. Casino can clasify this as scam even it is not and you can be even forced to leave casino! If you can’t play Blackjack nothing is lost because you can still play on the machines but fundamentally only on high value machines like the dollar ones etc. Yes, 1 dollar bet for each button push is quite a lot but the probability of winning is highest there.

What will probably ruin me?

The un-profitable are machines for low values – for quarters or smaller, there everyone usually loses everything. Casinos know most people play machines with low values so these machines are set to have the lowest chance of winning. And what is not advisable to play it roulette, unless you know how to cheat so nobody knows. Usually the best cheating in roulette is that people bid up tokens when they see the number and color but it is very difficult to do without anyone One million dollarsnoticing.

How is it with tokens?

Every casino has its own tokens and they are not transferable. There is a chip inside so casinos can recognize them. The reason is that some of the tokens may look similar but each casino pays off different values for them. And it is also a protection against falsification. So every casino changes the value from time to time. But do not worry in case you win you will always get what belongs to you.

So good luck in your gambling and don’t forget….What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! 😉

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