San Francisco in one day - highlights within arm's reach

San Francisco was one of the places we did not want to miss. But it was not so easy as we found out it to b eone of the most expensive cities in the world as for accommodation either in the city or its surroundings. We did not want pay more than 120 USD a […]

Los Angeles - city of TV series, movies and stars

Our trip around the world took us to the city of movies and beaches during our travelling in the USA. And thanks to the generosity of Czech people it felt like home again for a while. From the road trip in the US Soutwest and the city of playing Las Vegas we set off directly […]

Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon & Hoover Dam

We were thinking ourselves that we had enough getaways into the nature and no matter how beautiful they were we needed a change. Therefore we went from Mono Lake, Bodie, Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest & Alabama Hills directly towards Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon & Hoover Dam. And it was a good choice! We again […]

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