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Copacabana and Ipanema - beautiful beaches in Rio

copacabana beachIn spite we lived at Copacabana and Ipanema was in our reach we decided to explore these neighborhoods with a local guide. To make this really interesting we chose Free walker tours. Basically it is the same like most common Free tours. And it was definitely a right choice! It was worth it. How it works? You come to the meeting point and let nice people mostly locals with the best knowledge of the place guide you around. If you do not feel comfortable or have any other reason you can simply leave the group during the tour. If you stay till the end you tip the guide. There is no set price for their service. You give how much you think they deserve and what you can afford.

Who is Carioca

Our guide Luana (and founder of Free tours in Rio) was awesome! Not a local but have been living in Rio for many years, she was able to give us so many interesting and useful information.

One of the most important things to know is the fact that locals are called Carioca. But they have to be born in the city of Rio de Janeiro only, not the surroundings. Carioca can be easily identified on the beach as they would never go there with a towel. They take shawls called Canga. You can buy them everywhere.  And unlike the tourists they drink Matche tea on the beach. They know how to enjoy life and never miss carnival in Rio.

Sporting on the beach

Ipanema panorama from CorcovadoThe beach challenges to many sport activities. Except the common ones like kayaking, water scooter rides you can enjoy any place in the world there are sports that originate from Rio de Janeiro. One of them is so called Footvolley. It is actually a volleyball with a net that we know but using hands is not allowed. Players use most of the time their legs but other bodyparts are allowed, except hands. Another sport that origined here is Frescobol. All you need are bats and ball. The aim of the game is simple, none of the players should let the ball hit the ground. You can watch players of both games everyday on the beach around the late afternoon and before the sunset.

Sunset at Ipanema

Sunset at Ipanema BeachAnd to the sunset, the most beautiful in all Rio is definitely the one at Ipanema. We went there and saw. The place to see it is located close to the fort connecting Ipanema and Copacabana beaches. Beyond the sunset there is a super view at Leblon & Corcovado but you can also see Sugar Loaf. And if you miss the sunset on beach we recommend you to see it at the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon located nearby Ipanema and worth visiting at any time of the day.

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