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Our feelings about Brazil - how we enjoyed our stay

Corcovado - ikona RiaWe spent 11 days in Brazil and during our time there we had the opportunity to meet many interesting people and visit beautiful places. Thanks to our experience we are full of impressions and our feelings about Brazil we want to share with you.

Infrastructure and transportation

  • Roads are in good conditions, better than in the Czech Republic.
  • Public transport works well but there are no timetables.
  • It is necessary to wave your hand on busses otherwise they never stop even when supposed to.
  • Tickets are purchased for a ride, not a time.


  • Despite of all warnings Brazil is really safe.
  • It is necessary to follow certain precautions, e.g. do not walk as a Christmas tree and uselessly engage attention on you.
  • Police was all over the Rio during our stay.
  • They do not negotiate with suspicious persons. Crackdown is not a problem.

PeopleRio de Janeiro

  • People are very friendly and helpful.
  • Unfortunately they have time for everything. Reminds us – tomorrow is tomorrow….
  • For males: there are really nice chicks 😉
  • For females: guys are handsome too 😀

Food and drinks

  • Meals are more calorics – consist of meat, beans, French fries and rice. Vegetables appears only seldom on plates.
  • Portions are huge.
  • It’s good to be careful about ice cubes. In better restaurants it is ok because ice is made of filtered water.
  • Try Sucos – fresh fruit drinks, very yummy. And also have acai – it is very refreshing.
  • The good news is we did not have any stomach issues during our stay.


  • Food prices in supermarket are more or less same as in Czech Republic, may be little bit more expensive.
  • Food in restaurants costs a lot and begins at 30 BRL.
  • Travelling is also more expensive due to size of the country. It worth to compare prices..
  • Country suffers with inflation of around 10 %.
  • The corruption in country is large.

Sunset in RioEnvironment

  • It can be a shock for European to stay in Brazil.
  • The mess is everywhere. And locals don’t care. They simply throw rubbish on the streets and whenever they want and do not care about penalties.
  • There are many mini junkyards, even in residential districts.
  • Spotting a cockroach running out of a 4* hotel is not an exception. You can meet these creatures on the streets.
  • In the countryside and south of the country the environment is markedly cleaner but still not like in Europe.
  • The grass is everywhere nicely green no matter what temperatures. Maybe it is caused by humidity.

No matter what feelings about Brazil we described above we still think it is worth visiting and we must admit we truly enjoyed our stay here.

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