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It's coming - a round the world trip starts soon

And here we go. The time is running fast and the big thing is here, it’s coming! Our trip around the world is about to become our daily routine. In only a few days we’ll be in Frankfurt, Germany and heading towards Rio de Janeiro from there. We are not nervous at the moment but we guess it is gonna change several hours before our departure.

Over the last few months we have been working hard and preparing for our trip. Now we are about to see how we will be doing out there. What we have shared with you so far. We spent a lot of time on a trip preparation where you find information about how it all began and what activities is good to consider before you start travelling. We gave you information regarding vaccination every traveller shouldn’t forget.  Then we introduced what types of accommodation to choose or how to deal with visa. At last but not least we wrote an article about travel gear we are bringing with us.  Except all of these above we had to work on a detailed travel plan that is crucial for our expedition. This plan will give you the idea of what countries and places we plan to visit, what we want to taste and experience.

Even though we had spent so much time with preparation it is necessary to say that we would never be where we are if it weren’t for the support of people and companies who actually liked our dream of going on a round the world trip.  We would like to Thank to all of you for your kind support! We really appreaciate all your advices and help, either the material one ort he mental one when having a beer together . In order to utilize the full pontential of our trip we are working on a small surprise these days. It should help to the people in need that we meet during our travels in the world.

Follow us on social networks

If you want to follow us during our round the world trip there are many ways for you to do so. The main communication channel is going to be a blog on our website where we intend to add new posts regularly. You can always comment these posts. We will be happy for any kind of comment! We also recommend you to follow us on Facebook where we give you the latest news either. If you like photos, keep an eye on our photo gallery and video gallery where we will add pictures we take. We decided to make several funny videos during our trip and post them on our YouTube channel so subscribe also there. And in case you want to contact us and ask any question directly do not hesitate to do so in the contact form.

In conclusion we would like to say we are very looking forward to the trip and mainly to new friendships, adventure and exploring everything new for us! We have no illusions it is gonna be always easy but the more difficult it gets the more we will appreaciate all experiences we gain. Fingers crossed for us so everything is smooth!

Happy reading about our experiences

Pavel and Martina










P.S.: below you may find pics taken at the Goodbye Party in Prague

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  • Jochen

    Dear Martina and Pavel,
    thank you so much for your great help getting my out of hospital and assisisting me living at home again – with my freshly operated foot. So it was really kind of you spending all day with me, cooking and going with me to the doctor in the afternoon. I hope, you will have a wonderful flight to Rio tomorrow and enjoy all of your trip. I hope to meet you again when you are back home.

    Best wishes and greetings
    Na sledanhou


    09/02/2015 at 21:42
  • Teyah

    Perfcet shot! Thanks for your post!

    13/02/2015 at 11:29

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