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Our feelings about Argentina - the mixture of cultures

We spent 9 days in Argentina and had the opportunity to meet many interesting people and visit amazing places. We would like to share our feelings about Argentina with you.

Infrastructure and transportation

  • Argentina has a really good infrastructure.Infrastructure in Argentina
  • The roads are in good conditions like in Europe.
  • Countriside is a bit different but depends on a place.
  • Comparing to Brazil, Argentinians are definitely better drivers, drive safely.



  • Safety in ArgentinaWe felt much safer in Argentina than in Brazil.
  • It is still necessary to take care of personal belongings. And pay attention about money when exchanging on the street – they usually give you fake money on the street.





  • People in ArgentinaPeople are very friendly. We had the luck to stay with locals and experience moments the way they do everything.
  • They are big football fans. Interesting fact is that they cannot choose their favourite team. Their parents determinate which football team they have to fancy.

Food and drinks

  • Food in ArgentinaFood is simply delicious. The meat is high quality and vegetables is really good.
  • Very favourite snacks are Empanadas. It is a small pocket pastry filled with meat, cheese, ham, fish or vegetables.
  • Argentinians like drinking alcohol. Fernet is probably the most favorite. The beer is only like kind of aperitif and then they drink only Fernet with coke or juice.



  • The inflation is really high, around 30%! 20 years ago the rate of exchange ARS:USD was 1:1, today it is 100:8. Prices change on monthly basis. If you plan to visit this country, come as soon as possible.
  • Prices in the supermarket are 2x – 3x higher comparing to prices in the Czech Republic.
  • Electronical devices have same price tags like in the Czech Republic but the prices are in local currency ARS, so it means it is all 3x more expensive! Comparing to the USA 4x!
  • Do you have USD or EUR? Bring your currency here and exchange with locals, you will get better rate than in the bank or exchange office. They are about 4 rates for USD or EUR, they are printed every day in local newspaper. By this you will get about 50% better rate of exchange than is the official one. The reason is that citizens of Argentina are charged 35% more for each dollar they get from the bank. This is why they will be happy to exchange with you.


  • Argentina is a nice and quite a clean country.
  • But people still throw garbage on the street and do not care. It is not so idyllic like in Austria.
  • The region of Buenos Aires is really flat landscape. Reminded us of the Netherlands. We found only one hill at all. In Patagonia it is different of course.
  • Another parameter is the red colored mud around the roads. It creates the color contrast with nature around.

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