Maras and Moray - salt fields and incredible structure

We do not mind changing our plans therefore our trip around the world was enriched two interesting places located around Cusco. These places are Maras and Moray. And it was more interesting than we expected because we were lucky to visit a place where local women showed us how they manufacture alpaca clothes with natural […]

We have reached 1 000 000 steps! - experiment is going well

You may have noticed we measure and count steps and kilometers we walk within our trip around the world! As we know we are the first and the only expedition doing this in the world! Pavel has reached as first the magical level of 1 000 000 steps! Martina is right behind 😉  What are the […]

Ollantaytambo - a treasure of the Inca Empire

Ollantaytambo is a significant Incan archeological site located about 1,5 hour from Cusco, Peru. This site is situated in the town from where trains to Machu Picchu operate. In its time this place used to be a royal residence of emperor Pachacuti. At the time of Spanish conquest this town was the important citadel. It […]

Megalithic sites - Tiwanaku, Puma Punku & Aramu Muru

Visiting Peru is interesting mainly for visiting the archeological mysterious megalithic sites of the country. Some of them force us to ask questions about the origin of our civilization. And among these sites we can count more places than only Machu Picchu. Some places may be more important! If you are interested in this topic […]

Lake Titicaca - a miracle in the Andes

Lake Titicaca (Titi = puma, caca = strong/rock) is the highest navigable lake in the world. It is so large that you can observe the earth curvature there so it may seem you are at the sea and not at the the lake. Another interesting is that the lake has a border between Peru and […]

Arequipa - the White city of Peru

Our first stop in Peru was in Arequipa city. We spent there 4 nice days. Nice because we have seen many interesting places and learned a lot about life in Peru. José Villalobos Ampuero Museum Our first visit took us to this museum. At the beginning we really did not také it so seriously because […]

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