Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix - amazing motosport show

During our visit of Montreal Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix was held there. We secretly hoped to be able to go on Formula 1 race within our trip around the world on some special and nice place. And our dream came true and even more, the race won his favorite racer Lewis Hamilton Pavel has […]

Montreal - cosmopolitan and multicultural city in Canada

Montreal is probably the most famous city in the Canadian province of Quebec. For tourists the whole province is interesting because first official language is French and it can be heard at every corner. After French is the second official language is English which is controlled by the majority of the population but there are […]

Boston - city of universities and history in the USA

Boston is beautiful city and it truly won favour with us the most in the USA. On the first sight it enchanted us and we fell in love. It looks so european and many places reminded us of England, primarily the architecture.  Even though we spent only 2 days there we were able to make […]

New York City - a city that never sleeps

New York City, often called as the Big Apple or Gotham is the most populous city in the USA and is by right called „the city that never sleeps“.  While travelling the US East Coast we simply couldn’t miss NYC. Morningside Heights, Harlem and Central Park The morning walk through the lush and great Central […]

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