Grand Palace Bangkok

Bangkok - modern metropolis in Southeast Asia

Out of the most visited places in Cambodia from Angkor Wat and Siem Reap we were going to Thailand, another touristy country. Our first stop was metropolis Bangkok. For the micro bus ride from Cambodia we paid 700 THB/2 Royal Palace Bangkok Thailandpersons (cca 19 USD). It was an interesting ride with border crossing and change of the cars because they drive on the left side in Thailand. The driver dropped us off at Khao San Road, the most famous street of Thai Kingdom. Right on the arrival into Thailand it was a nice change because it is a bit different kind of Southeast Asia, it is very developed and for western tourists it is not such a shock like in surrounding countries. We accommodated in the hotel downtown and went to explore the city and also taste Thai food.

Bangkok – city of kings and temples

It was for sure that there is gonna be so much to see in Bangkok, we realized that once we found out there are more than 500 temples. The first place we visited there was the Grand Palace, often called as the Royal Palace. It is a large complex of beautiful royal buildings, temples and pavilions enclosed by white wall. The entrance fee cost 500 THB/person (cca 17,70 USD). There are strict rules inside the areal related with dress code. The good thing is that in case you are not properly dress they will lend you their clothes you only need to give them a returnable deposit. The Reclining Buddha Bangkokpalace is really larger and decorations are rich, admirable and also very informative because it shows you important history facts from the Kingdom of Siam. But other temples have also a lot to offer. It is worth mentioning Wat Pho (Temple of reclining Buddha). It is one of the largest and oldest Buddhist temples in Bangkok. There is 43 m long and 15 m high reclining Buddha. Wat Pho can also boast with more than 1000 images of Buddha and 91 stupas. Entrance fee is 100 THB/person (cca 2,70 USD). Another interesting temple is Wat Arun or Temple of the Dawn. The entrance is 54 THB/person (cca 1,35 USD). This temple is connected with Cambodian Khmer culture and structural style. It is located across the river so it is very easy to get there by using the local boat pubic transport. And you can enjoy interesting view at the Royal Palace from there. Among others there are many temples, either touristy famous or less famous but altogether they are very rich decorated and interesting.

Thai cuisineThai cuisine

Thai cuisine is really delicious. We had a blast in Bangkok. You can buy everything in the streets. Freshly grilled fish and sea fruits, fruits, vegetables but you can also try to taste real Thai food in local food stalls. Some are the real fire for your mouth and stomach but Thais love to observe tourists having hell with every bite. We fell in love with Pad Thai, local pancakes with bananas and also coconut ice cream served with peanuts and chocolate. Very refreshing are smoothies you can get here for small penny and they are delicious and when walking in Bangkok you will love them.

Bangkok – modern metropolis

Bangkok is a very modern metropolis today. We shifted away a bit out of the historical city and sank into the rush of the modern town and we were nicely surprised. Tall skyscrapers of different shapes, western companies and this all Thai dancers Erawan Squareconnected with Thai culture. We stopped at the Erawan Square to give the offerings and also to see Thai dancers performance there, dances are held on regular basis there.  And we also had to be patient because we did not want to use boat transport anymore and tried the bus but it was not the best option. Traffic in Bangkok is crazy so the journey lasted too long. But their public transport is very good in general and everyone will find their way. We also went for one day trip to the former capital city Ayutthaya from busy Bangkok. Afterwards we left Bangkok and headed south in order to enjoy Thai sun, sea and beaches on islands of Koh Tao, Koh Phangan & Koh Samui during our world trip.

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